Industrialization: The Pro's And Con's Essay

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Industrialization is a process in which changes in technology, society, medicine, economics, education, and culture occur. From 1750 to 1830, industrialization began in England during the Industrial Revolution where there were major changed in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and transport which also had a big effect on the social and economic conditions in Europe. The Industrial Revolution then spread throughout Europe, North America, and eventually, the whole world. The Industrial Revolution was a turning point in society because it influenced almost every aspect of daily life. The Industrial Revolution started because there were harsh living conditions for agricultural workers and they couldn't make much money, so new agricultural techniques were made which gave agricultural farmers the chance to produce more resources and make more money. Because more resources could be produced in a shorter period of time, less people were needed to work in agriculture so people moved to cities where there were factories with other job opportunities. Even though there were good and bad developments during the Industrial Revolution, it will always be one of the most important parts of history.One immediate benefit because of industrialization was that people made more money. In the beginning of the industrial revolution, people made money by working in agriculture and sewing as well as selling clothing. Those jobs were the main jobs that people did but the problems were that they couldn't make a lot of money. If people worked for agriculture, they wouldn't get much money or benefits. And, when women sewed and sold clothing, they couldn't earn much money as well because they had to do everything by hand and it took a long time to complete a product so they would sell fewer things. During the industrial revolution, more factories were made and there were more innovations. For example, one famous innovation from the industrial revolution was the spinning jenny. The spinning jenny was used in the textile industry and it helped women make more clothes in a shorter period of time. The spinning jenny was an important invention because it was one of the first innovations to start the industrial revolution. Because of this innovation, people were able to earn more money because they were able to make more products in a shorter period of time while making more money, which was essential to starting the Industrial Revolution. And because of that and many more important innovations, it led to the urbanization of cities.Since more money was made, the urbanization of cities began. Instead of the majority of the population living in farms and rural areas, more and more people started to migrate to urbanized areas to live. In the 19th century, the population rate of towns and cities jumped from 16% to 54%. People mostly moved to the cities because they wanted to work in factories and make more money, rather than staying in their farms and having a terrible life. The main...

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