Industries – Industries In The South Wales Valleys

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References:Used "Wider World" GCSE Geography Text Book by David WaughUntil the Mid Nineteen Century, South Wales were known for its natural beauty. Artist found the valleys an ideal place to paint, but not long, businessmen also found it an ideal place – but for industries. The industrial revolution converted the South Wales Valleys into the world’s factory of coal and iron ore. The raw materials on the valleys brought industries to Wales. Soon coal mining and iron industries became a dominate activity and that did indeed continue into the 20th century. The painting on the left shows the South Whales valleys, before industrialization.Businessmen saw this as an opportunity to make loads of profit. This was also a very convenient business to operate, as iron stone, lime stone, and coal could be found in close proximity, together on the valley sides or nearby by. The raw materials could then be exported directly form their coastal ports to many parts of the world. The industry was growing in such a monstrous pace that by 1850, there were 35 ironworks in the area.As Britain was the first country to industrialize, so she had a huge market to sell to. They received longer and longer order lists from countries such as New Zealand, America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Indonesia… as they generally needed iron and coal to railways and ships. As order lists began to grow and more and more businesses were set up, there was a booming demand in labor....

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