Industry Analysis Of The Coffee Industry

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Advertising Final ProjectTERM DEFINITIONS:1.Integrated Marketing Communication - Integrated Marketing Communication refers to the combination of Sales Promotions, Public Relations, and Advertising, to achieve a desired end result.Ex: Integrated Marketing Communication allows MTV to reach a target audience by enticing them with flashy promotions, a fun "hip" lifestyle, and the chance to be in the "in" crowd.2.Strategic Orientation - Strategic orientation is the combination of a companies mission, previous campaigns, SWOT analysis, Financial Data, Goals, and ROI.Ex: Through strategic orientation companies are better equipped to generate profit and compete successfully because they better understand the "Big Picture" of what they have to offer.3.Advertisement - A paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods, and/or services by an identified sponsor.Ex: A commercial for NIKE tennis shoes would be considered an advertisement because it is marketing a good (tennis shoes) by an identified sponsor (NIKE).4.SWOT Analysis - SWOT analysis is identifying the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of a marketing campaign.Ex: By doing a SWOT analysis of a previous COKE commercial the Coke Co. can determine what things to change, keep, or maybe eliminate in their next commercial or campaign.5.ROI - The ROI, or Return on Investment is important in determining whether the revenue generated by an ad exceeds the cost of producing it.Ex: Spending $4.2 Million to travel to Japan and shoot a commercial for a small time American Shoe Company that might only gross $2.5 Million dollars a year would show that the ROI would not be beneficial.6.Campaign - Clients hire advertising agencies to create advertising campaigns to promote their company and/or brand.Ex: A small business looking to grow may hire an advertising agency to help them develop a campaign that will broaden their market.7. Market - A market is the present as well as the prospective consumers for a product or service.Ex: A company such as NIKE has a very large market because they create shoes that are suitable for all ages, however their market is narrowed in the fact that their shoes aren't always financially attainable for people with lower incomes.8.Direct Marketing - Direct Marketing is marketing a brand's identity through mailers, leaflets, and brochures.Ex: The ARMY directly markets to people between the ages of 18-25 who are looking to have a different lifestyle. They feature adventurous settings and an air of prestige in all of their advertisements, which narrows the demographic that will be more likely to respond to these advertisements.9.Logo - A logo is an image or a symbol that represents a company. The logo usually becomes synonymous with the brand and is enough to portray the company it represents.Ex: Logo's that have become Synonymous their brands are seen in companies such as NIKE swoosh, McDonald's with the golden arches, and even Starbucks with the green Siren that...

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