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Industry Analysis: Kia Motors

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In 1944, Kia Motors Corporation of Seoul, Korea, was founded as a manufacturer of steel and bicycle parts ( During the early1950’s, the company changed its name officially to Kia Industries and began production of Korea’s first bicycle ( In 1957 Kia began producing Korean’s first motor scooter, the C-100 ( Korea’s first truck, the K-130 was introduced in 1962 ( In 1971, the Titan, a 4-wheel cargo truck was produced (
In 1972, Kia established the Kia Service Co. Ltd ( Several other milestones happened during the late 70’s such as Korea’s first full integrated automobile facility opened, Korea’s first internal combustion engine is produced, Kia began producing a gasoline engine and continued to introduce new vehicles ( In 1984, the Kia Research and Development Center was established (
Kia name changed once again in 1990, to what we now know as Kia Motors, Inc ( A major event happened in Kia’s life as a company in the 1990’s; Kia entered the United States market ( Three years later, in 1993 Kia opened a parts distribution center in California and signed the first twenty (20) dealers to sells vehicles in the United States ( Kia grew quickly and two years later, in 1995 Kia had one hundred (100) dealers and was located in twenty (20) U.S. states ( In 1999 Hyundai Business Group purchased Kia Motors Corporation ( With this purchase, Kia Motors Corporation (Korea) began making a profit again as one of the largest businesses that became a success story (
In 2000, Kia continues to sell a wide range of vehicles. They target a wide range of needs by offering less expensive economic vehicle such as the Kia Rio to the higher priced luxury vehicle such as the Kia Borrego ( Kia introduced their luxury vehicle the Amanti in 1994 ( In 2005, Kia opened a new U.S. Corporate Campus in California (
2010 has started out as a good year for Kia; they debut their advance infotainment system, UVO which is powered by Microsoft during the 2010 international Consumer Electronic Showcase (CES) which is the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow ( Kia aired its first-ever commercial during the Super Bowl, nicknamed “Joyride Dream” ( Kia announced a partnership with Michelle Wie, professional golfer and Kia will sponsor the LPGA’s inaugural Kia Classic (
February 2010 was a key date for Kia’s move to the United States ( It was the grand opening of their first Kia Motors Manufacturing facility in Georgia ( “Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia (KMMG) is expected to produce 300,000 vehicles at full capacity and employ 2,500 people, with on-site and nearby suppliers creating 7,500 additional jobs in the region (” The facility represents a $1 billion investment to the U.S. market ( KMMG will establish new benchmarks...

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