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Industry Analysis Of Indian Banking And Financial Services

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Indian banking and financial services industry is strong and robust among the world economies. Over the previous years, financial markets have witnessed a significant deepening and broadening of services with the introduction of new instruments and products in banking, capital markets space and insurance.
Insurance Sector:
The life insurance sector collected new business premiums of Rs 11,742.7 crore (1.92 billion USD) for April-May 2013, as per the data from Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority. Life insurers collected Rs 1,07,010.7 crore (17.47 billion USD) of new premiums for the financial year ended March 2013.
Banking Services:
According RBI’s 'Quarterly Statistics on Deposits and Credit of Scheduled Commercial Banks', March 2013, Nationalised Banks accounted for 52.4% of the aggregate deposits, while SBI and its Associates accounted for 22%. The share of Old Private Sector Banks, New Private Sector Banks, Foreign Banks, and Regional Rural Banks in aggregate deposits was 5.1%, 13.6%, 4% and 2.9% respectively.
Nationalised Banks accounted for the highest share of 51% in gross bank credit followed by State Bank of India and Associates (22.7%) and New Private Sector Banks (14%). Foreign Banks(4.9%), Old Private Sector Banks(5%) and Regional Rural Banks(2.5%).
Mutual Funds Industry in India
India's asset management companies witnessed growth of 0.7% in August 2013 wherein their average assets under management stood at Rs 7.66 lakh crore (125.10 billion USD).
Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions in India
Private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) firms remained bullish about India's services and consumer goods sector. PE and VC investments have increased by more than 46% in the first half of year 2014, with consumer companies in retail, consumer packaged goods, e-commerce, and quick service restaurants raising 609.39 million USD through 51 deals.
Indian merger and acquisition witnessed substantial levels of deal activity in the first 9 months of year 2013. 377 deals amounting to 23.9 billion USD happened, as per the survey by tax advisory firm Grant Thornton.
Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) in India
Investments in Indian markets through participatory notes increased to 23.74 billion USD by end of July 2013, as per the data released by SEBI. P-Notes allow high net-worth individuals, hedge funds and other FI’s to invest in Indian markets through the registered FIIs. The FIIs investments via P-Notes registered a growth of 11.45% in July 2013 as compared to 10.93% in June 2013. Overseas investors infused 2 billion USD in the Indian stock market in month of September 2013. Since 2013, they pumped a 13.7 billion USD in equities.
Road Ahead
IRDA estimated that the insurance business in India would touch Rs 4 lakh crore (65.32 billion USD) by the end year 2014. The regulator is considering in bringing out the norms for sub-brokers of insurance products...

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