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The Market For Ice Cream In America Creamy Opportunities For A Chilly Market

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Executive SummaryThe ice cream market in the United States is continuously expanding and changing. The magnitude of ice cream marketers varies tremendously, ranging from the small family-owned ice cream parlors to the large manufacturers of ice cream that is sold in grocery stores. Despite the variance of distribution methods and business types, a primary reality of importance remains the same: ice cream is a popular treat among most Americans. Therefore, before entering the market, businesses must analyze a variety of information about this particular market.With a 1.3% increase in market growth during 2003, ice cream consumption in America reached a volume of 1 billion liters. In 2008, the market is forecasted to have a value of $9.2 billion, which is an increase of 4.6% since 2003; also in 2008, it is predicted that the market will have a volume of 1 billion liters, an increase of 6.5% since 2003. The market was dominated by the industrial sector, which accounted for 90.1% of sales in 2003. In 2003, the United States remained the largest individual market in the world accounting for over 25% of global ice cream sales. 2Based on our findings, the recommended strategy for new ice cream businesses entering the industry is to focus on extending the market to minority populations that are growing within the United States.Table of ContentsEXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1TABLE OF CONTENTS 2LIST OF TABLES AND FIGURES 31. INTRODUCTION 41.1. ICE CREAM EVOLUTION 41.2. MARKETING HISTORY 52. MARKET OVERVIEW 62.1. MARKET DEFINITION 62.2. MARKET ANALYSIS 72.3. MARKET SEGMENTATION 82.4. DEMOGRAPHIC FORCES 92.5. MARKET VALUE 102.6. MARKET VOLUME 112.7. MARKET FORECASTS 122.8. SWOT ANALYSIS 143. MARKET POTENTIAL 154. MARKET COMPETITORS 165. MARKET ENTRY ALTERNATIVES 176. CONCLUDING RECOMMENDATIONS 197. REFERENCES 21List of Tables and FiguresFIGURE 1 - MARKET SHARE BY SALES VOLUME 7 6FIGURE 2 - RETAIL SALES OF PACKAGED ICE CREAM 7 7FIGURE 3 - PROJECTED POPULATION OF THE UNITED STATES, BY RACE AND HISPANIC ORIGIN: 2000 TO 2005 8 9FIGURE 4 - UNITED STATES ICE CREAM MARKET VALUE: $ BILLION, 1999-2003 2 10FIGURE 5 - UNITED STATES ICE CREAM MARKET VOLUME: LITERS BILLION, 1999-2003 2 12FIGURE 6 - UNITED STATES ICE CREAM MARKET VALUE FORECAST: $ BILLION, 2003-2008 2 13FIGURE 7 - UNITED STATES ICE CREAM MARKET VOLUME FORECAST: LITERS BILLION, 2003-2008 1 13FIGURE 8 - PROJECTED POPULATION OF THE UNITED STATES, BY AGE: 2000 TO 2050 8 15TABLE 1 - UNITED STATES ICE CREAM MARKET VALUE: $ BILLION, 1999-2003 2 10TABLE 2 - UNITED STATES ICE CREAM MARKET VOLUME: LITERS BILLION, 1999-2003 2 11TABLE 3 - UNITED STATES ICE CREAM MARKET VALUE FORECAST: $ BILLION, 2003-2008 2 12TABLE 4 - UNITED STATES ICE CREAM MARKET VOLUME FORECAST: LITERS BILLION, 2003-2008 2 131. IntroductionIce cream is an extremely popular treat among all ages of the American population and has been in existence in various forms long before the independence of the United States. By reviewing the evolution of ice cream and a...

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