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Industry, Ideology, And Their Global Impact, 1700

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Scientific & Industrial Revolution in 1700 Century AD: An Introduction
The Industrial Revolution is thought to have started in Britain, and broaden quickly to Western European countries as in North America. The mid-18th Century AD was an era of big industrial modernization with economic and social consequences for the whole world. The industrialization that started in Britain, and which was at first most outstanding in its agricultural field, helped the country to significantly improve the standard of living of the people though definitely not all of its population.
The rationales for the origins of the Industrial Revolution taking place in Britain and finding its initial and utmost signs in ...view middle of the document...

The scientific modernization that took place in Britain, Germany and the newly-rising USA were a consequence of the educational systems and economic independence benefitted by the populations of those civilizations. The steam engines built in Britain by Thomas Newcomen in 1712 showed a major leap in output and signified further such advancements in the centuries that followed. As another historian has shown, “Britain was characterized by the free expression of new ideas” (Black, 2013).
During the Cold War between the USA and the USSR, the Russians were creating more high-quality theoretical scientists than any other country in the world. The political and economic system that typified the ex- USSR, nevertheless, was ill-suited to adjust technical theory to reality, and the technological disparity between East and West was a major provider to the Cold War’s result. The Industrial Revolution could have taken root centuries earlier in Russia had Peter (1672-1725) was successful in transforming the USSR. Rather, the technological advancements that developed into that revolution started elsewhere.
The Industrial Revolution was revolutionary since it modified -- revolutionized -- the industrious capability of Britain, Europe and the USA. However, the revolution was something over just new machines, smoke-belching plants, raised productivity and an improved standard of living. It was a revolution which changed English, European, and American society down to its very roots. Similar to the Reformation or the French Revolution, no one was left unchanged. Everybody was touched in one way or another. The Industrial Revolution served as a key to the roots of modern Western society. As Harold Perkin noted, "the Industrial Revolution was no mere sequence of changes in industrial techniques and production, but a social revolution with social causes as well as profound social effects" (Perkin, 1969) (Hatch, Undated).

A Literature Review
About four decades ago the British historian Herbert Butterfield stated that the self-styled 'scientific revolution,' generally related with the 16th and 17th centuries... outperforms everything since the growth of Christian religion and decreases the Renaissance and Reformation to the rank of sheer events, mere internal displacements, in the system of medieval Christendom.'
However in the generation following Butterfield's classic survey much was written to develop and improve the vision. Moreover, there are good rationales. Since the Scientific Revolution is the known origin of the history of science, it was the first area to gain from the professionalization of the field, from its growing specialization, variety of methods, and from the real-time expansion of scale and reduction of focus motivated by sociologists and theorists of science. However, paradoxically, whilst the Europeans generally have come to recognize the legality of the Scientific Revolution, there is a rising sense...

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