Industry Research Completion. Provide An Economic Profile Of The Industry You Have Researched. In Your Paper, Discuss How The Following Impact The Industry.

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Industry research completionDanilo VillegasAxia College of University of PhoenixThe pharmacy market is among the industries that have a tremendous impact on the economy and the well-being of the population of our country. Pharmacies are active in the market for drugs. This market has special characteristics which make it so different from other markets; for instance, patients or final consumers are not completely responsible for the choices they made because they have been advised by their primary care physicians to take a drug or combination of medicines. (Study of regulatory restrictions in the field of pharmacies, 2008)The fact that consumers can prevent another people from using the drugs and diminishing another person's ability to use it makes this a resource that is both rival and excludable; another important characteristic of this market is that consumers often do not cover the cost of the drugs themselves but are relying on health insurance or government assistance. (Study of regulatory restrictions in the field of pharmacies, 2008)The drug market is prone to so many market failures that has forced the government to intervene heavily at all levels of the supply chain; some of the positive consequences of government intervention are accessibility, price and quality of medicines.The drug market is characterized by high investment in research and development of new drugs, which are protected by intellectual property rights; in order for a manufacturer to attain a profitable level in the drug market the medicines are protected by patents which restricts competitors from free riding on the inventors discovery; however patents impose entry barriers that creates a natural but temporary monopoly for the drug producers. This monopoly leads to inefficient price levels, which in some countries the price received by producers of drugs in subject to price regulation. (Study of regulatory restrictions in the field of pharmacies, 2008)The intervention from the government in the distribution, manufacturing, and quality control of the drugs dispense at any pharmacy has positive externalities that varies from affordable access to the general population to low-cost prescription drugs, to access to preventive health care medicine and vaccinations at reasonable prices. The impact of this positive externality is visible in the economy in the sense that the business thrives when it allows pharmacies to offer drugs at prices that are regulated by the government. Another positive externality is that by offering drugs at affordable prices the patient's health will improve cutting costs in long-term medical treatments. (Study of regulatory restrictions in the field of pharmacies, 2008)A negative externality that derives from the pharmaceutical industry is the potential hazard from not observing the effects that mixing drugs could have in a patient's health. Another important negative...

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810 words - 3 pages Industry Research Part I• Select an industry that is affected by the economy, such as the airline, automotive, home building, or technological industry.• Find at least two sources to help you answer the following questions about the industry you chose.Sources:Annotated BibliographyArticle 1: Airlines’ futuresArticle Reference:Haewoon, Y.. (2007). Airlines’ futures. Journal of Revenue & Pricing Management; Vol. 6 Issue 4

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