Inequalities In The Uk Regarding Gender, Ethnic Minority And Social Class Year 9 Assignment

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Wednesday 13th September 2017
Inequalities in the UK regarding Gender
Britain has one of the worst records on gender equality at work, according to a 2016 report that highlighted the high pay gap for working mothers.
Researchers ranked Britain 11th out of 18 countries in a league table that took into account: pay, board level representation and the gap between male and female employment, among other factors.
It was stated by Andrew Chamberlain the chief economist of Glassdoor Economic Research that: “In the UK there are fewer women than men in the workplace. However, this gap is considerably narrower for those with a university education.”
He said working mothers were paying a high price in the UK, with the gender pay gap widening among this section of the workforce. “British working mothers are significantly worse off than those without family responsibilities.” Chamberlain said.
While the gender pay gap for women in the UK with no children is slightly more than 7%, for those with at least one child it leaps to 21%. Working mothers are paid better in the UK than in Ireland and Germany, but worse than in other countries including Spain and Italy. Within the Equality Act 2010, the Labour Government planned to force employers to publish full pay details of all employees. However, the government changed these plans to allow companies to publish on a voluntary basis. Women generally are also likely to have lower pensions and to have alternative sources of income such as dividends from stocks and shares.
Women are disproportionately represented in lower paid employment. Women are concentrated in: caring, cashiering, catering, cleaning and clerical - employment areas where rates of pay are historically lower. Women are also less likely to be employed, economically active, offered promotion or to access training courses when compared to men. In Scotland, 48% of women work part-time compared to 16% of men; more men are self-employed. Gender stereotyping also exists in society. Women are more likely to be encouraged into caring professions such as nursing or childcare, while men are more likely to take employment in engineering or computing, areas that tend to pay higher wages.
Inequalities in the UK regarding Ethnic Minority
Ethnic minority people in Britain still face entrenched race inequality in many areas, including education and health. A review by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which also looked at: employment, housing, pay, and criminal justice, found out that black graduates earn on average 23.1% less than white ones, and more ethnic minorities are unemployed. The government stated that it was committed to "delivering real social reform".
The report reveals a very worrying combination of a post-Brexit rise in hate crime and long-term systemic unfairness and race inequality. David Isaac, the commission's chairman, said "We must redouble our efforts to tackle race inequality urgently or risk the divisions in our society...

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