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Inequality Between Coloured People Essay

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Inequality between coloured people and non-coloured people has been existent ever since the beginning of time even though the forms of discrimination and prejudice are different. I believe that in America, race ‘helped’ Americans to explain why some people could be denied the rights and freedoms that others never even had to fight for. To me, that denial of rights was institutionalised in everyday living as government policy – hence, it became natural for the lives of many. Similarly, The Blind Side by John Lee Hancock presents social inequality between the American slum and lots of African-American citizens compared to wealthier citizens in America as it is today. The film is a strong story ...view middle of the document...

Both were living in slums because of their colour surrounded by alcohol and drugs. In fact, Michael and his siblings were taken away from their mother for the fact that she has multiple drug arrests on her record. It is here that my previous point about adults contributing and re-enforcing inequality that I have witnessed in the other texts applies. Michael’s mother took drugs and avoided the responsibility of her dozen kids and Michael’s father committed suicide to relieve themselves of all the problems inequality had caused in their lives. This results in hopelessness Michael’s character seems to inhabit. He is also understandably confused, upset and socially withdrawn. These characteristics can also be seen in the characters who suffer from inequality in the other texts. On the contrary, Leigh-Anne Tuohy was a woman with a strong will and caring personality. She grew up in the rich part of Tennessee and was completely unaware of the inequality that takes place in the other part of her town until she met Michael. In the film, Michael takes Leigh-Anne to his neighbourhood to get some his clothes which is when she sees it for the first time. In response she says to her friends, “I’ve spent my whole live here but I’ve never been to that side of Tennessee.” When Leigh-Anne takes Michael in, she was a little bit unsure of herself because her family were feeling a little uncomfortable and her friends weren’t taking her seriously. However, she overcomes this after her family and friends get over it and treats Michael like her own child. This shows what kind of a person Leigh-Anne was. Her character is reasonably different to that of Kezia’s and Bruno’s because she was the one who saw the reality of the other side and took all means to make sure homeless Michael overcomes this. From this film, I also came to the judgement that segregation is still present in our world. I believe the African-Americans are and have been segregated because housing discrimination has not provided...

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