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Inequality Constructed Through Family Essay

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The image of Canadian families and their relationships constructed within their household’s marks a noticeable change. Both Meg Luxton and Sedef Arat-Koc represent the different positions that individuals are placed due to the balance of work and family. It is a reflection of how power is maintained within the household, and how decisions are being made. Meg Luxton’s reading Wives and Husbands, and Family Coping Strategies, raises the complexity of family life due to gender inequality. In, Family Coping Strategies women struggle with balancing work and domestic labour. In Sedef Arat- Kocs reading, The Politics of Family and Immigration in the Subordination of Domestic Workers in Canada, the situation in which domestic workers are placed leaves them with limited freedom, but their place within the household is significant. According to the readings my argument is that the way households and families in Canada are constructed represents a change in the way women and domestic workers are left treated. The first way this is maintained is through gender inequalities, and their causes. The second way is through the nature of nannies vulnerable position within households and what in turn causes this. Lastly, in order to understand how families are constructed through the way that these social inequalities are placed upon women and domestic workers, we have to think about what would need to change to undermine these social inequalities.
The represented change in constructing households and families manifests the reality of inequality. Meg Luxton’s reading, Wives and Husbands explores the gender relations that occur in nuclear families. It is clear how men maintain the privilege within the household due to the sexual division of labour. The conventional gender roles of men as the breadwinners, and Flin Flon women as responsible for care work, are the causes of these inequalities. Luxton represents the gender inequality of women’s submission to men when their husbands produce a labour power. She states, “Part of the woman’s work includes caring for her husband, creating a well-ordered and restorative home for him to come back to in the process her work becomes less visible and its importance is less acknowledged the wife is subordinated to the husband. (Luxton, A 2009, p. 158) This symbolizes the women’s role in the household and in the workforce and how it is underplayed. How her role is to care for her husband through emotional support. Therefore, home is her work. The cause of this inequality is that he is bringing home the earnings so he has the power to express how his wife works within the household, and therefore it is her primary task to keep him happy and to acquire his needs.
Other gender inequalities that wives face is the pressure to have sex, and violence. The nature of sex for women is represented through the notion that, “Sex was a duty that a woman performed willingly and passively for her husband. (Luxton, A 2009, p. 167). Sexuality is...

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