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Inequality Experience Essay

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When people look through the windows of the popular fast food restaurant In-N-Out burger, they see young, energetic, decent looking individuals who seem to enjoy interacting with their customers; but looks can be deceiving. Thinking back, my first job at In-N-Out was an all-around inequality experience. I remember feeling that acknowledgement of my hard work had gone un-noticed; other employees would advance as I stayed in some sort of hole. More noticeable, I was the only African American female surrounded by a majority of Caucasian males and females. Everything that had to do with me succeeding had been delayed because management never took any interest in my portion of equality. In ...view middle of the document...

(Aron Sankin, 2012)
One tweeter commented on the lawsuit:
“There are three In-N-Out Burger restaurants in my area. I never see any black people working there. I told my son not to bother applying there because they don’t hire black people. All I ever see are little white boys and girls and maybe a Hispanic or Asian every now and then. I know there are many minorities who apply because Fairfield, Oakland, and Pinole are filled with minorities. I guess white people don’t think we see it.” (Msfaye 9/12)
In brief, I was attracted to the work environment because the staff was polite and looked as though they were having fun flipping burgers. More so, this job was a reflection of my outgoing personality, but my expectations were high as my work ethics were taken advantage of.
Work place favoritism affected me but I never confronted the matter. I was working with men and women, though it never bothered me that the men would move up the latter faster than I would. The animosity I had then was for the women who had been hired after me. Jennifer had been hired nearly a year after me and she was already dressing the burgers as I stayed cooking the greasy fries. This was indeed an unwritten, no limit barrier to further her promotion; a pure example of the Glass Ceiling. After all, she came from a wealthy family, had good grades in school and her boyfriend worked along with us. She only worked at her convenience. But why was I upset at her, when I should have confronted management about my concerns? I found in my research that gender inequality in the work place is a huge concern without resolution.
“I watched my male co-workers get promoted more quickly and get income increases more easily than I was able to, [more differently, Kristen worked in a technological field known to be dominated by men]. At first it was because I was new, but then it started to become routine.”(Kristen bright 4/13)
As I have shown, advancing beyond a certain point in the work place really depends on the background and sex of a person. Thus, women are in competition with each other as they are with the opposite sex. Still the only way to prevent the favoritism from happening is to be direct; let it be known you are aware it can surface because it’s all an...

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