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Inequality In Education Is It Fair To Have Ap Clases Vs Standard Classes

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Inequality in Education Which is worse, having an uneven amount of time in school or some having a better education than others? In order for everyone to have the same education, some would have a longer school year than others. On the other hand, if everybody has the same amount of time in school, the education is unfair. If everyone was accepted into a college and, if needed, given a scholarship, would true equality ever happen? If in the end, we all had the same education, would that help the inequality with social levels too? Is it even possible to have true equality in education?Some say that because of the different class levels in schools, everyone dose not get the same education. This much is true, but they also say that if you took the higher classes in school, you were smarter or came from a better family. In order for everyone to learn all the same things, some people would have to be in school longer than others. This is because the higher level classes learn more information in a shorter period of time. Is it fair to say that if you were not able to keep up with the higher level classes you had to go to school while the “smart” kids got time off? Also, is it fair to say that if you can learn faster, that you came from a “better” family.Our society runs with a school system that has the same number of hours for all the students. People say that because of this, and the different levels...

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