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Inequality In The Help Essay

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In an era of the Jim Crow laws, life as an African-American woman was difficult. The Help (2011), a film written and directed by Tate Taylor, brings back some of this history. This film takes place in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi in the time of the civil rights movement, and when racial tension was at a rise. During this time, prejudice was at occurrence. For women who lived in Mississippi during the 1960s, employment opportunities was limited due to permissible segregation and economic inequalities. This film displays some experiences of African-American domestic workers of this period. Interaction with a black person from a white person on a level other than work was frowned upon. Many laws of inequality was forced upon African-Americans.
In the time of Jim Crow, life was challenging for an African-American. Jim Crow laws were strongly implemented in Mississippi, one of many southern states to enforce these laws. These laws made it difficult for African-Americans to live and work. They were not fond of this way of life and wanted to mend it, but they endured ruthless consequences when they tried. For example, civil rights activist and NAACP worker Medgar Evers was murdered for trying to improve the conditions of black people in Mississippi. His assassination showed differences of how it was perceived in the black and white communities of Jackson, Mississippi. This incident served as a major historical event for the black community. For African-American maids, it was nothing to be talked about while in your white employer’s home. This event is important and marks the increase of racial tension in the streets of Mississippi. This event brought blacks uncontrollably bustling into the streets in sheer chaos and confusion (Association of Black Women Historians). One thing that was not captured in this film was the reign of terror propagated by the Ku Klux Klan.
Additionally, segregation laws affected not only African-Americans, but white people as well. While apparent that African-Americans were mainly affected, however a few whites were affected too. Majority of whites were in predilection of the way that life was under those laws. Those that were not in liking of this thought it was not right because they believed that African-Americans were equal to them and saw nothing wrong with them. Black people evidently did not like how life was for them throughout this period and wanted change. These segregation laws hindered the privileges for blacks and whites to share anything. These regulations triggered despair for numerous people. All they wanted was to be considered equivalent as specified in the Constitution. Although African-Americans were free, it most certainly did not feel that way because they were nonetheless limited to their abilities of life.
In 1960s Mississippi, a time of prejudice was at occurrence. The Help takes place in that time where laws were forced upon African-American to receive low wages for their hard...

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