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Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of the autobiography novel Infidel, was born on November 13th, 1969 in Mogadishu, Somalia. She is the daughter of Hirsi, son of Magan and belongs to the Osman Mahaumd clan. Her religion and family leads her to many different countries throughout her life in search of equality for both genders. She defies many of the traditional Muslim rules and she challenges herself to stand up for women’s natural rights. She angers many and has several setbacks; however, her determination shines through at the end. Hirsi Ali and her family have deep roots in Somalia and they hope for a future of freedom from their destructive government, religion, and country.
Hirsi Ali lived in Somalia until the age of four with her mother, brother, sister, and grandmother. Her father, Hirsi Magan, was in prison for standing against the vice commander of Somalia’s army, Siad Barre. Hirsi Ali has no recollection of her father growing up in Somalia, and was not allowed to see him due to her young age and gender. When Ma was visiting her husband, Hirsi Ali’s grandmother controlled the children and she made them abide strict rules. She believed in all teachings that were in the Quran and the children received a strict Muslim education throughout their school years. When Hirsi Ali was a young girl she was given the traditional Somali female genitalia cutting. Ma disagreed with the children being circumcised; however, grandmother believed it kept them pure so she decided to continue with the procedure. Hirsi Ali was in excruciating pain and they mutilated her female genitalia against her and her mother’s will. When Ma returned she was furious about the circumcision, and her husband escaping prison and it led to intense period of silence in the household. This example of pure horror makes it very hard to relate to their religion or understand it. In my opinion it is unjust and inhuman to circumcise another human being. I do not believe in such strict enforcement of a religion onto a child and I believe it factored into Hirsi Ali doubting her faith later in life.
One evening in January of 1992 Hirsi Magan returned home to Hirsi Ali and informed her that he gave her hand in marriage to Osman Moussa. Hirsi Ali was furious and wailed about not wanting to marry a stranger. Hirsi Ali states in the book “A good believing Muslim would pray to Allah for guidance, wisdom, strength, but I didn’t” (page 172). She has already defied her father and her clan by losing her virginity to Mahmud, her cousin, who she secretly married without the permission of her family. She is no longer pure because she lost her virginity and would now...

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