Influence Of A Legend: Marilyn Monroe Discusses Marilyn's Life And Her Influence Through The Years. Includes Bibliography And Outline.

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Influence of a Legend: Marilyn MonroeOutline for Research PaperThesis: Marilyn Monroe's status as a sex symbol and popular icon has greatly impacted many artists since her time, including Andy Warhol, Madonna, and even Britney Spears.I. Introductiona. Backgroundb. ThesisII. Growth of Sex Symbola. Becoming Marilyn Monroeb. Love LifeIII. Movie Stara. Achievements1. Movies2. AwardsIV. Impacta. Andy Warholb. Madonnac. Britney SpearsV. Conclusiona. Her influence was positive and lastingOver the years, there have been hundreds of celebrities and stars for people to envy, admire, and enjoy. However, the most lasting image we have of stardom is the image of Marilyn Monroe. "When you speak of the American way of life, everybody thinks of chewing gum, Coca-Cola and Marilyn Monroe" ("Quotes" n pag.). Marilyn was born Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1st, 1926. She rose above her poor background and troubled childhood to become one of the most revered stars in the history of showbiz. Norma Jeane's beautiful face had always drawn attention to her, and she began to model when she was in her teens. On August 26, 1946, Norma Jeane got her first studio contract with Fox and changed her name to Marilyn Monroe. With this beginning, a star was born. Marilyn has appeared in magazines, movies, and even had a career as a singer. On August 5, 1962, her body was found dead in her home. It was an apparent overdose from sleeping pills. Marilyn's beauty, sex appeal, and tragic death have made her a legend who grows over time. Marilyn Monroe's status as a sex symbol and popular icon has greatly impacted many artists since her time, including Andy Warhol, Madonna, and even Britney Spears.Norma Jeane was a shy girl. "She was addictive-so beautiful" (Mailer 192). Norma Jeane had been abused countless times in her years at a foster home, yet she still retained an air of innocence. It was only after she realized her influence on men, that she understood the power it gave her. One day, at the beach, she discovered that there was a different person inside of her who was struggling to get out. She said, "I was full of a strange feeling, as if I were two people. One of them was Norma Jeane from the orphanage who belonged to nobody. The other was someone whose name I didn't know" (Monroe 25). However, it would be several years, and one marriage later, before Norma Jeane discovered who that other person was. Her first marriage was too her neighbor and ended in divorce in 1946, when he returned from military service. That same year, she signed a contract with Fox studios and changed her name to Marilyn Monroe, taking the last name from her grandmother. After changing her name, Norma Jeane truly became a different person. No longer would she allow anyone, even her closest friends, to call her by her birth name. She started to walk taller, smile more frequently, and gave off an air of assurance and confidence that people could truly feel. In May of 1949, in desperate need for some cash,...

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