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Influence Of Apple On Society Essay

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Influence of Apple
There is an incredibly small amount of companies that can claim part in completely changing a consumer market. Even less can claim part in changing society. On the prestigious list of companies who can make legitimate arguments for both of these groups, one stands out among the rest. Apple Inc. has completely revolutionized society as well as their own market. Apple changed the entire market of personal computers, innovating beyond what people even dreamed of, and Steve Jobs, redefining the definition of a CEO. Apple is an iconic American company that is making a lasting impression on society through their products and their story.
Part One: History of Apple

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It only had a couple key features that prompted purchases, including the ability to use a TV as a monitor (which was huge, it may not sound amazing right now but at the time this was revolutionary), a cassette interface, which allowed users to load and save programs at a high speed, and a code on ROM which allowed easy boot up/starting for the Apple I. Steve Jobs sold the Apple I to The Byte Shop as computer boards, not actual computers, due to the miscommunication between Terrell, who expected fully assembled and functioning computers, and Jobs. Terrell nevertheless paid Jobs, Wozniak, and the other employees whom Jobs had hired to help build the Apple I. Because of this miscommunication and the fact that the Apple I had to be sold as a computer board rather than an assembled computer, the Apple I had only attracted hobbyists, not the everyday consumer that Jobs had envisioned that it would. Many hobbyists however, did not take the Apple I seriously and Apple did not begin to attract major attention until 1977 when Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple II at the West Coast Computer Faire. The Apple II separated itself from the rest of the pack with its revolutionary color graphics. Because of this, the Apple II was chosen to be the computer to run the first “killer application”, VisiCalc. (A “killer application” is an application that is designed exclusively for one operating system/computer. It forces the consumer to purchase the computer to run the program as well as the program itself) VisiCalc was the first spreadsheet application for the microcomputer. Since VisiCalc was written exclusively for the Apple II and would not be on any other microcomputer for twelve months, people began to buy the $100 VisiCalc application as well as the $2000 Apple II microcomputer. Another reason for the Apple II’s success is the Apple II’s GUI (Graphic User Interface). In 1979 Apple made a deal with Xerox to allow Xerox to purchase one hundred thousand shares of Apple’s stock with the Pre-IPO pricing in exchange for three day’s access to Xerox’s facilities. Apple further developed their GUI based off Xerox. Apple never formally admitted that they copied Xerox’s GUI but there are clear similarities. Xerox later filed a suit against Apple during Apple v Microsoft but was eventually dismissed due to errors in the filing.
The Apple III was released May 19, 1980. Even due to the immense success of the Apple II, Apple was not satisfied. Steve Jobs wanted Apple to push the boundaries of technology. Jobs instructed the Apple III team to not have a cooling fan in the computer. Alternatively, Jobs requested for the heat generated by the use of the computer, to be dissipated throughout the chassis of the computer, therefore eliminating the need for the cooling fan. The structure of the Apple III, however, was not able to cool the components in the machine. Therefore, the Apple III was prone to overheating. As a result, the components on the boards would fall...

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