Influence Of Arab Culture On Advertising

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1. INTRODUCTION1.1 DEFINITIONAdvertising is any paid form of non personal presentation of idea, goods, or services by an identified sponsor.1.2 BENEFITS OF ADVERTISING1.2.1 ECONOMIC BENEFIT OF ADVERTISINGAdvertising can be a useful tool for sustaining honest and ethically responsible competition that contributes to economic growth.1.2.2 BENEFITS OF POLITICAL ADVERTISINGAdvertising contribute to democracy by informing people about the ideas and policy proposals of parties and candidates, including new candidates whose are not previously known to the public.1.2.3 CULTURAL BENEFITS OF ADVERTISINGAdvertising have impact on media by supporting material of excellent intellectual, aesthetic and moral quality presented with public interest in view. Also, advertising motivate people to act in way that benefit themselves and others.1.3 THE HARM DONE BY ADVERTISING1.3.1 ECONOMIC HARM OF ADVERTISINGThat happens by misrepresentation and holding relevant facts. Good example for that is advertising for "brand" and by "create" needs for items and services people don't need.1.3.2 HARMS OF POLITICAL ADVERTISINGPolitical advertising seeks to disfigure views and records of opponents and unjustly attacks their reputation. This happen when advertising appeals more to people's emotions and base instincts rather than to reasoned sense of justice.1.3.3 CULTURAL HARMS OF ADVERTISINGThis happen by ignoring the educational and social needs of certain segment of audience advertising changes believe and behavior of some audiences.2. ADVERTISING AND ARAB ARTS2.1 ADVERTISING AND DISCOURAGEThere is relationship between advertising and Arab arts which make them inter text in many meaning and ways. By objective of stimulating and convince we found the inter text between advertising and discourage.Marker of advertising in Arab countries depend on discourage and interact audience to encourage them buying a product or trying a service they advertise it.They use many strategies to attract audience to accept advertising and like it. For example, the characteristics of actor in advertising like to be a famous sportsman or singer. The most common technique Arab use in discourage of advertising is that technique which base on strategy of (build meaning). The focus in discourage is about the product or service description not only physically but also about how much they contains to satisfy the needs and emotions of audience.Example (advertising 1)There are two types of Arab discourage features that have been used in advertising, SAGAA and AMTHELLAH.SAGAA, words come with music tone. It is good for memorizing and rememberingExamples1:AMTHELLAH, are common and well known in all Arab countries. Therefore, advertisers use AMTHELLAH by cut and paradigm.Example2:2.2 ADVERTISING AND DRAMAUsually TV advertising comes as drama, where there are action, actors and conversation. Drama here is representation for product name. Most Arab TV focus in this drama on discourage parallel, where we can see and...


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