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Influence Of Cartoons On Kindergarteners Essay

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Identify a situation where influence has had or could have significant impact. Describe the situation and explain the impact of influence, showing how it could be both a positive and negative force. Suggest ways in which the positive impact of the influence could be expanded and negative impact diminished.

Area of influence
Cartoons are a popular form of entertainment for Kindergarteners. Cartoons influence the behavior of children as young as one year old. [1]The influence of cartoons can be commonly viewed in kindergarteners and their actions .

Positive and negative impacts

Positive impacts Negative impacts
Helps in kindergarteners education: Kindergarteners relate to cartoon ...view middle of the document...

Cartoons stimulate learning and social growth and can be used to improve child literacy. [6]

Bearing these in mind, cartoons can be used to teach Autistic children basic knowledge and social skills.

Autistic children
Autistic children have difficulty with social and communication skills. They may also be interested in talking to a particular person, but do not have the same skills as others to become fully involved. [7]

Fig 1 :An autistic child [8]

Existing measures

Attempts to educate Autistic children:

Existing Measures Description
Special Education Schools set up for Autistic Children
They are taught more effectively with special care
Resources made to teach autistic children
e.g resources on

Support groups and educational workshop conducted by organizations like Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
Parents/Guardians of autistic children
-> taught to help autistic children in their learning

Table 2: Existing measures available for autistic children


Name : A.E mation ! Viewcartoon!
Details: Similar to the N.E.mation! competiton,A.E mation! Competition can be organized for primary and secondary schools students
to create cartoons...

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