Influence Of Culture On Self Perception

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Page 1.Cultural Conflicts Within Oneself and the Subsequent EffectsOn Personal Psychological ProcessesEric HarvillaPsychology of Cultural DiversityDecember 7, 2009University of Colorado at Denver1250 14th Street
Denver, Colorado 80202Page 2.Socialization and Its Role in Influencing Ones Cultural BeliefsMishra and Singh state that theorists who share a cultural viewpoint of development consider socialization a major influence on human behavior (1999). They continue with stating that a portion of the cultural transmission may take place unconsciously, research and studies provide evidence showing deliberate transmission of many social and cultural elements such as knowledge, dispositions, and values among children through the course of their development (Mishra, & Singh, 1999). Mishra and Singh have reviewed and summarized the relationship between socialization and cognition (1999). They have pointed out that the passing of many social and cultural elements (knowledge, skills, dispositions, values, etc.) lies at the heart of child socialization (Mishra, & Singh, 1999). According to this study, "these elements may be acquired through: (1) children's direct experiences with different stimuli in the environment; (2) child-rearing practices, which encourage or discourage certain activities on the part of children; and (3) children's active participation in the process of learning to achieve the goals set by parents, teachers or significant others in consonance with broader cultural goals" (Mishra, & Singh, 1999). Mishra and Singh continue by stating that the norms of groups are so engrained in their child-rearing practices that the socialization process seems to be automatic or unintentional to an extent (1999). Mishra and Singh stated, "Subsequently, children born and brought up in a particular social or cultural group learn the skills, attitudes, dispositions and values shared by its members either through the process of imitation and identification, or through participation in culturalPage 3activities (playing, cooking), use of cultural artifacts available with groups (books, media) and other means of learning" (Mishra, & Singh, 1999).It is believed by many that in the absence of socialization, there will be hindrances in the development of individuals as fully functioning human beings and the resulting person will display many anti social traits and therefore not seek the socialization that they have grown without. There is little cause to worry about children growing into anti social, non-functional members of their culture though. Mishra and Singh mentioned that early studies done in the area of socialization show that for the most part, children develop into competent members of their given culture or society (1999).Sudden, Dramatic Cultural Changes and Resulting ConsequencesWhen one is placed in the position in which they are forced to move and change the culture they belong to, often times it may result in anxiety or...

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