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“Anthropos metron”—“Man is the measure of all things,” one of the most known phrase by the Greek philosopher, Protagoras. These words reflect the Greek’s idea of humanism, focusing on us, humans. Greeks have introduced a view in both arts and architectures. Capturing aspects of humanity, Greek sculptures were intended to portray aesthetics and human forms and figures. As Greece continued to developed, so did their architectural style. Its influence is universal, the architectural structures of Greece can be seen abundantly in buildings and other constructions, both modern and older. Greek art and culture play significant role on the evolution the arts. Their period lasted from 1050 – 31 BCE. Greek art was divided stylistically into four major periods: Geometric, Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods.
The Geometric period began in Athens from 900 to 700 BCE. This is the beginning of the formation of civilization for Greece. Greek city was formed, new way of writings was founded, and trades grew. Along with the rise of the cities, came the development and buildings of sanctuaries and temples which contributes to the rise of religion. Arts in this period were interpreted in the forms of epic poetries, visual arts, metal works, and potteries (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000). Paintings in this period were very geometric and rather unnatural. Many were painted on potteries and vases. Repetitive patterns of geometrical shapes and forms were made. Not much color were used, usually just two colors or were monochrome. No movement was depicted. Though, the paintings and arts in geometric periods were more of geometrical shapes and artists weren’t really concerned with the idea of naturalism; the beginning of the development of more naturalistic style marked the end of this period (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009).
The orientalizing period began in 700 BCE. Significant changes in vase paintings were made. More movements were depicted. Floral patterns were made, animal figures were drawn. For the first time, stories were painted on the vases, mostly stories of the heroic pasts. The bodies of men were drawn in silhouette, while women figures were drawn in complete outline. More flows were depicted in the vases painted in this period (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009).
Within the Archaic period (620-480 BCE.), influence from the Near Eastern and Egyptian art contributed to the transition of the painting style in this period. The dominant geometric patterns painted in earlier periods were replaced by more naturalistic forms. Inspired by the eastern craftsmanship, Greeks started to practice the art ivory carving, metal-working, and jewelry making. Pictorial motifs like lotus and palmette composition, animal hunts, and composite beasts from the East were introduced (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000). Throughout this period, artists focused more on human figures and realism. Two types of sculptures were made, the male nude sculpture—kuoros, and...

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