Influence Of Harry Potter On My Life

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Hazari 3Aariz10/9/14English 200Personal NarrativeMagic is Believing in your DreamsMy life is a shopping cart, with someone else's stuff in it, but with me paying for it. Every major decision of my life had been taken by someone else for both better and worse. Let it be with the courses which I took or who I made friends with, everything had been shaped and decided by people around me and not me. Even though most of the decisions were made in goodwill, I thought that I should have the final say in them. The day I took a stand and started making my own decisions was fairly recent. I figured out that all I needed to fix this and start living my life the way that I wanted was by keeping certain things a secret. Though the solution was a fairly straightforward one, but the more vital thing was realizing my state of dependence. As silly as it may sound this realization came from "a piece of art," a series of books; The Harry Potter series.Growing up I was always surrounded by "Potterheads" in school and had always told them that I would never read any of the silly and childish Harry Potter books; However, due to all the craze around the series it remained impossible to not come across any of the movies. Somewhat naturally I ended up liking the movie and warmed up to the idea of reading the book. When I began reading the first book of this exceptionally long series, I got amazed by how much the book caught my attention. His world which can be described as boring, dull and unexciting could be compared to the backwaters that I belonged to, but his endeavor which ended him up in Hogwarts, A place of adventure, mystery and magical realism was something of a fantasy for me.Harry Potter, the hero of the story, was orphaned as a baby, he is brought up by his aunt and uncle, the Dursleys, abused by them, and tormented by their obnoxious son, Dudley. Neglected, Harry grows up to be a timid boy unsure of his abilities. There...

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The Banning and Censorship of Harry Potter

975 words - 4 pages viewing of certain sources of entertainment. Schafer believes the attacks on the Harry Potter series are outlandish and irrational. The article further states that Rowling, the author of the series, is being mocked and condemned for her wild fantasies that occur in the stories. According to the article, the protestors of this series imitate the book burners of the past who once condemned Mark Twain's, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and J. D

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1058 words - 4 pages Harry Potter and Jane Eyre are two novel characters who have quite a lot of similarities. In their early childhood, both were raised as orphans, both experienced cruelty and unkind treatment from relatives who were supposed to take care of them, both were given opportunity to study and live far away from the people who treated them harshly, and both of them had a life-changing experience in

Symbolism, Imagery, and Motif of Harry Potter

2501 words - 10 pages transference from normal mundane life to the magical life of a wizard. “What is a wizard without a Wand?” (Nezol, “Harry Potter I”). Imagery is also an important literary aid in the story of Harry Potter. The train, which carries all students to the school at the beginning of the year, has a great deal of description to it. It is described as a large red locomotive bearing the school's coat of arms. It is a traditional steam engine complete

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501 words - 2 pages guarded to the tee by dementors, deadly spirits that feast on anything happy. Basically they suck the life out of you slowly until you go mad and lose sanity). Harry runs away on the same night and crosses the man without realizing it. Since Sirius is an ananamugus he is able to turn into a giant black dog which sort of looks like “death”. When Harry gets to school and tells the administration of what he has seen, they tell him he couldn’t have seen

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2586 words - 10 pages such trivial matters. The author made sure that the book is easy to jump on and provides necessary flashbacks and recaps of events prior to the events in Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban. The book is 435 pages long, a bit thicker than the pervious two. Still, despite of its length, it provided enough time for readers to have a feel for the characters while slowly unraveling the mysteries without any unnecessary cliffhangers and spoilers.The

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

597 words - 2 pages Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone This book is about a boy name Harry who was a famous wizard. He was famous because a very power wizard that used the dark arts killed his parents. The evil wizard also tried to kill Harry but did not succeed. He only left Harry a scar on his head in the shape of a lighting bolt. By doing this to Harry it left the wizard with almost no powers so the wizard disappeared. Harry was a baby when this happened


883 words - 4 pages I read this book, "Harry potter and Order of Phoenix" during summer. I read this book, because this book was so long so I didn't have enough time to read this before summer. I didn't saw good reviews compared to last Harry Potter books. As his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry approaches, 15-year-old Harry Potter is in full-blown adolescence, complete with regular outbursts of rage, a nearly debilitating crush with Cho

Third Book of The Harry Potter Series

960 words - 4 pages Harry Potter is not a normal boy. He lives with his aunt and uncle and his cousin because his parents were murdered by the most powerful dark lord, Lord Voldemort. He attends a school for wizards called Hogwarts and learns about spells, potions, the dark arts, and etc. Non-magic people are called Muggles and the Muggles are completely oblivious to this world. In the third book of the Harry Potter series, it starts on Harry’s birthday

Themes and Rhetorical Devices of Harry Potter

1986 words - 8 pages desires and everything he or she would want in life. Thirdly, each wizard’s wand is representative of his or her character and personality and if the improper one is used, terrible events will occur. Finally, the names of the founders of the four Hogwarts Houses are symbols of the core beliefs and values of each. The first symbol that is introduced in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is Harry’s scar from Voldemort’s attack. Lily Potter did

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1159 words - 5 pages have common backgrounds they have very opposing morals and outlooks on life. Voldemort believes that knowledge is power and that power is what allows you to control everything. He had become the number one student with some of the highest grades because he wanted to gain power not only in magic, but with his peers as well. Harry on the other hand is an average student, being mostly because he doesn't study much and that is always distracted by

My Mother: The Most Important Influence on My Life

739 words - 3 pages It took me a few years to realize what an extraordinary influence my mother has been on my life. She’s the kind of person who always has time for her kids, always interested in learning something new, would sacrifice herself for her family, and is easily the strongest woman in my eyes. Growing up, I know I haven’t been the best son in the world but if you were to ask her, she would say otherwise. Looking back, my mom is the most positive

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953 words - 4 pages . They also did not agree with the magical world that he came from. The Dursleys are powerless against holding him back from his destiny, and Harry only managed to survive with the lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead. There are many references to magic in this story. This paper is to prove that Harry Potter, in spite of accusations aimed against it, has a positive influence on children.The Christian and Protestant belief is that Harry Potter

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644 words - 3 pages most of his life, he develops a curiosity about everything he experiences, and since he is a wizard, he has many abnormal events occur around him. In addition, all throughout chapter five or ‘Diagon Alley’ (71-98), Harry asks Hagrid multiple questions about the wizarding world and being a wizard. Also, in p.175 Harry and his friends discover what was in the forbidden corridor on the third floor: a three-headed dog guarding something important. If

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1504 words - 7 pages please read Chamber of Secrets on my own. My parents met my request with sighs of relief and yawned permission. With that, I truly embarked on my journey through Harry Potter’s fascinating life. I may have read the series on my own, but the people of the Wizarding World kept me far from lonely. Hermione grew to be my closest friend; an intelligent perfectionist of an eleven year old, her character embodied my own thoughts and behaviors. The tall

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1051 words - 4 pages Harry Potter and A Life Changed Many people can name a specific experience that changed their world view, whether it be a significant event, a piece of art, an influential coach, or a religious experience. My view of the world changed significantly when I began to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling. This wonderful work of literature opened my eyes to the power of imagination and allowed me to develop my passion for