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Impact Of Interior Design On Health Care Facilities

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How important is an interior designed space in a health care facility ? How has the design of health care facility evolved in these years ? Does that have an impact on the perception and mind of patients? What does it take to layout a perfect strategic design solution ? These are some of the questions that we shall brainstorm in this essay. Furthermore about the latest trends in health care design and how that has a positive impact on the mind of patients and how it enables to heal the patients in its own unique way. Interior design for health care facilities has become a practice more than a norm.
The traditional health care facility had certain spaces that had a standard layout such as the waiting room typically comprised of registration desk, flat screen TV, room full of chairs . One could assimilate that a standard health care facility/clinic would be the same across the board. The ambience did not create any kind of soothing effect that the patients would be able to feel while waiting for their turn. It is a normal routine to spend most of the time in the waiting room before one gets to meet with the doctor. It would be an ideal place for the patients to be in if it has been designed having in mind the state of the patients. The traditional spaces probably were designed like any other space and were not considered to be contextual. Taking into example any hospital that has been built years back has not been able to cope with the new challenges. One being the Lake Pointe Medical center that has interior spaces that do not work functionally and the units had more of a traditional / surgical feel than of any modern , functional, open layout. Having seen a couple of examples, we can understand the reasons why the trends of the hospital layouts did not work out and was not successful. Spaces like health care facilities have to be dealt with lot of precision and should have a goal of creating vibrant spaces that enable in creating laid-back feeling for the patients .
Furthermore insight into the health care facilities one realizes the latest trends and how with the evolving technology and global economy , health care providers are recognizing the personal side of the health care process and therefore think about creating lively spaces. The interesting aspect about the changes in health care design in the past two decades majorly focuses on the common spaces in health care facilities. Public/common spaces in places like healthcare facilities is an integral part and it is imperative that these spaces are designed with ...

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