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Influence Of Media In Children Essay

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Television, magazines, websites and advertisements - these are some of the most influential components of today’s society, and we all encounter them in some way or another. Whether it is riding the bus to school, driving to work, or just picking up that magazine while waiting for a dentist appointment – it is pretty clear that television and the media have the potential to generate both negative and positive effects, particularly and most importantly on children and adolescents. Many studies have looked at the impact of television and media on society, particularly on these individuals. What are children learning from television? How do the images in magazines affect the way in which they view themselves? Can children gain more knowledge from the media or from literature? In modern society, media has an immense influence on children and adolescents – partially positive, but primarily negative and harmful.
Media is playing an extensive role in our daily lives, right from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed. Our daily activities depend heavily on the information that is provided and communicated to us, albeit for entertainment, news, relationships, travelling, or healthcare. As adults we can be influenced by mass media on everything from the best coffee to drink in the morning to the best medication to take to fix any problem we may have. This information can be very positive in helping us with choosing the healthiest alternatives of what to consume or even how to exercise - but as adults we are mature enough to make conscious decisions as to what is best for us, but mass media can be a negative influence on young children if parents don’t step in and limit what they are watching and how long they are watching it. Access to too much television can lead to less physical exercise and the overwhelming ads of unhealthy foods can lead children to many health problems such as diabetes or obesity. One way of preventing kids from an excessive amount of television would be to enrol them into physical activity programs whether after school or on weekends. This will help them find ways to occupy their time and take them away from television. According to an article from Mail Online Health, a child who spends excessive amount of time in front of a television screen has greater chances of brain damage. Some researchers say that if children watch too much television, their brain functions can be altered. Recently a study was done in Japan which examined the effects of a prolonged amount of time in front of the television for children from ages 5 to18, and found using MRI brain scanning technology, that these children had greater amounts of grey matter in the area at the front of the frontal lobe, and this could be a potential indicator for lower verbal intelligence. Authors from Tohoku University in the City of Sendai say that “ grey matter could be compared to body weight” and said that “these brain areas need to be pruned during childhood...

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