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Influence Of Music On Youth Essay

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Music plays a significant role in socializing every human being, especially students and teenagers. Teenagers and students listen to various genres of music like rap, heavy metal, Christian rock, country music, jazz, electrical music, dance music, etc. Music involving rap, hip hop, hard rock and Christian rock has become the most popular types of music among teenagers. The lyrics in these types of music have become more explicit in their references to sex, drugs and violence since the past four decades. Listening to such music may affect the student’s life in many ways. In the beginning, the student’s behavior changes due to the influential lyrics in the songs. Then, the education is ...view middle of the document...

Two students open fired on their school and killed twelve students and a teacher. Then, they took their own lives by committing suicide. These two boys were heavy rock music fans, especially of Marilyn Manson. Manson's songs spoke of topics such as taking anger out on others and being useless to the world. Manson’s words in the song’s lyrics influenced the two boys and turned them into people who actually take anger on others. Therefore, the music didn’t just influence them, it also took their lives.
The second victim of music is education. Schooling should be given the first preference by each and every student. Nowadays, students are giving their preference to music more than schooling and this affects their studies. According to a study performed by Roberts et al, youth were reported an average of 6.8 hours listening to music per day. Students listening to music in school doesn’t just take away their time, but it takes away their interest in learning. Currently, technology (phones, iPods, music players, etc.) is provided to almost every individual. Students are bringing these devices to schools and are listening to music during the teaching period. So, a student who doesn't listen to music during the school achieves a higher grade compared to the student who listens to music during school. Therefore, music is the biggest distraction in a student’s life. In addition, inappropriate music also reduces the student’s memory power. The basic nature of students and teenagers is that they like to learn new things. As the mild language in the lyrics is a new, they easily get addicted to it. After listening to this type of music for a longer period of time, the student’s memory will be filled with the lyrics of the songs. Therefore, disturbing music does not only take away a student’s learning interest, but it also reduces the...


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