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Influence Of Music Presentation Essay

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Influence of music presentationMedia and American CultureInfluence of music presentationMusic and radio since its early development may be associated with rebellion against social and political norm. Music enables artists to shape identities and use their constitutional rights of freedom of speech to express social and political disapproval or comfort people though times of despair. Music has been instrumental to social change throughout each era and concerns of political and topical views. In 1920s commercial radio broadcasting began with National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) followed by Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) and British Broadcasting Company (BBC) in 1922 (Campbell, Martin, & Fabos, 2012).The early 1900s phonographs were available for home use. In 1917, the first jazz record was release to the public. Jazz music from early 1900 to the 1940s perceived and criticized as a free form sound and promoted uninhibited dance such as the Jitterbug (Campbell et al., 2012). The era of rock and roll influence American culture and society through methods of expressing one's opinion or feelings through music. Music labeling companies encouraged commercialism by finding talented and unique artists like Chuck Berry and Little Richard. Turn them into hits while promoting the artists less rebellious toward white, middle income Americans. The 1950s were the beginning of significant influences in today's music styles. The evolution and popularity of rock and roll with artists like the Beatles and Elvis influenced democracy, fashion, social and cultural attitudes across America and globally.Different genres of rock became the identity of large subcultures. The 1950s and 1960s caused British youths to follow fashion trends revolved around US rock and roll style music. Bob Dylan and other US artists were blending traditional ballad verse with rock rhythms in the American folk rock genre. The Hippie counterculture of psychedelic rock changed the values and behavioral norms by expressing opposition from mainstream society in the 1960s and 1970s. Rock musicians in the mid 1960 have explored rock music as a means to deal with social and political themes. Bands like the Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, and the Doors combined imaginative lyrics with rock instrumental to voice opinions to society and cultural views. The mid 1970s represented the punk subculture to express concerns for individual freedom and anti-establishment views. Rock music today can be rooted from previous genres of the past such as Country rhythm and blues, gospel, jazz, and rockabilly. Rock and Roll was the interaction of black African and white European music styles from the seventeenth century. From the 1700s to the twentieth century the two types of music shaped the new forms of music played today. As segregation of radio formats and mainstream rock caused...

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