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Influence Of The Environment On Children's Learning.

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Learning is a basic human activity, and it occurs all the time. But the early years of childhood are the most significant period of life in the context of learning, because during this time, children learn motor co-ordination, language, the making of social adjustments, the setting of work habits and the beginning of routines that set patterns for life. By and large, the home and the school provide a powerful learning environment for children in childhood.Children have a variety of educational needs and the school meets these. The school plans the educational activities as well as physical activities and children have to adapt to new routines. They also learn to communicate with other children, sometimes from different cultures and with adults they do not know. They also learn to adjust to a group situation. The child-adult ratio is much higher in school and a child will not get so much individual attention or so much one-to-one dialogue. These new experiences help them to boost some great qualities like mutual co-operation, peaceful co-existence, respect for others and tolerance.Classrooms for young children vary in design. However most contain centers. Children should be able to move independently throughout the area and work in each daily. Through this arrangement, children learn organizational skills--an important concept to master for the present as well as the future. The early childhood center must provide selections of indoor equipment from all the following areas of interest. They should be of sufficient quantities so that children can participate in a wide range of activities. Consider the age and development of the children when making selections.Dramatic playThrough dramatic play, children identify with models, roles and unique situations in their environment. Through meaningful experiences in expressive play, young children develop positive, comfortable feelings about themselves.Art suppliesArt provides a way of expressing human behavior and experience. The child's visual awareness of color, coupled with form and line, become a part of his or her everyday life and experience. Placing materials within easy reach encourages young children to become involved in art projects.Block buildingAs the child explores the world around him, he matures through this environmental interaction. Block play offers preschoolers both basic skills and creative outlets. Accessories make a difference in imagination when children use blocks.MusicMusic is a universal language understood by all. Use music to promote a calm and peaceful atmosphere, for transition from one activity to another, to educate and to encourage movement and exercise.ManipulativesEarly childhood programs must provide opportunities for children to engage in exploration, and their classrooms must offer many ways for students to experience success. A classroom full of unit blocks and other manipulatives provides children with the materials they need for active learning. A supportive...

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