Influence Of The Nazis On Literature

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FREE I-PAD!!! Now that I have your attention: Changes throughout history have always marked literary revolutions. The greater the change to the world, the more literature is affected, and there are fewer bigger changes in the course of history than World War II, the catastrophic result of a mentally sick group pursuing an equally sick dream. Hitler’s rise to and career in power resulted in major lifestyle changes that influenced literature published after World War II.
Hitler was an anti-Semitic, anti-Capitalist radical, but for years he had no one to impress his ideas on. However, while on government payroll as a political investigator, he discovered the “German Workers Party” to be ripe for the taking (Rise of Hitler). He attended a meeting intending to discover if they had anti-government opinions, but they invited him to join after he shouted down an elderly professor with whom he disagreed (Rise of Hitler). His zeal for politics brought him quickly to the top after he joined, but attendance at their meetings was still laughably low(Nazi Party is Formed). He tried to increase attendance by asking members to invite friends, but attendance barely increased(Nazi Party is Formed). He then placed an ad in an anti-Semitic newspaper, and over a hundred showed up to their first mass meeting in a beer hall, where Hitler gave a speech which was little more than a raging tirade of blame. The crowd, made entirely of blasphemous bigots, was worked into frenzy (Nazi Party is Formed). He continued his career in the party as head of propaganda (Nazi Party is Formed). With his new power, he changed the name of the party to the Nazi Party, and allied himself with anti-Semitic writers (Nazi Party is Formed). He also sought out his Army comrades from World War I and convinced them to join (Nazi Party is Formed). He continued giving radical speeches, which were full of hate for the Jews and Communists (Nazi Party is Formed). He blamed them for the loss of World War I, and claimed that the Communists were working against Germany (Nazi Party is Formed).
When Hitler took power, he used the power of the government to orchestrate the Holocaust, the systematic murder or genocide of twelve million Jews and other “undesirables” (SS and the Holocaust). He was not alone in this bloodthirsty enterprise. A corps of minions known as the Schutzstaffel, or SS assisted him (SS and the Holocaust). The SS was originally formed as his personal bodyguard, but its function quickly turned to the annihilation of the Jews (SS and the Holocaust). The Nazis formed concentration camps, run by the SS, to hold their real or perceived enemies (SS and the Holocaust). As part of Hitler’s “Final Solution”, some concentration camps were converted to death camps (SS and the Holocaust). These were strictly for the extermination of prisoners, usually by gas chamber (SS and the Holocaust). The Allies knew for some time that the Germans were mistreating Jews, but they did not...

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