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Influence Of Tongnas On Lauans Essay

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Influence of Tongans on Lauans
I will be finding out about the influence that Tongans have had on the people of the Lau group. The things that the project will be based on are the cultural influences, language influences, influences on the physical appearance of Lauan people and the reason why Lauans ever since the missionary contact times have been ahead in terms of education compared to other Fijians.
The key idea that will be worked on is that Lauans are more Polynesian in appearance and culture than Melanesian.
The reason why I’m doing this project is that I’m a part Lauan and Indian and I have not integrated with my Lauan side as much as I have with my Indian side. So this project ...view middle of the document...

For interviewing I will interview Olivia Finau and Asena Laveti. These two are my grandmother and mother respectively. The reason I choose my grandmother is because she is a traditional medicinal and body pain heeler and thus she has knowledge of Tongan influence. The reason I choose my mother is because she is my closest source of information. I will be inquiring for information on the cultural influences from my grandmother Olivia Finau. From Asena Laveti I will be extracting further information on cultural and language influences.
The internet source I have chosen to extract information from is http:WWW.indian From this internet source I will be finding out exactly why there is Tongan influence in the Lau group. This internet source will also be helping me in answering why the people of Lau are ahead in terms of education compared to other Fijians ever since the missionary contact times. This source would also tell how useful Tongans were to missionaries.
The book that I will refer to is the Culture History of the Lau islands by Laura Thompson,...

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