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Effect On Choice Of Buying Behaviors

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How many times does someone go to the store and just stare at all the selections of options? How many options of potato chips and cookies can there really be? Is having a large selection more of a headache than, possibly a full stomach. There is a phenomenon called “Too-Much Choice effect” (TMC), which Iyengar and Lepper explained in 2000. The size of the set can and does have an affect on buying behaviors, along with a few other factors such as the time allotted to make the decision, along with there being an option of no option.
Having too many choices can be more difficult than having too little choices, according to Iyengar and Lepper. In the article When Choice is Demotivating: Can One Desire Too Much of a Good Thing? Iyengar and Lepper conduct multiple studies on whether having a larger selection to pick from are more productive than having a smaller set size. One study that is conducted, illustrated that having a larger set size is not necessarily better. The experiment took place in a grocery store taste tester booth of jams. While more people stopped when the booth had more to sample, more participants who had a small selection size actually bought the product. Their findings were that nearly half of the people from a smaller flavor samples booth bought some of the jam, whereas very few bought any jam from the larger sample booth.(Iyengar, Lepper, 2000) So is having a large set selection a better thing, not necessarily so.
Having too many options is just as bad as having too little options. Elena Reutskaja and Robin M. Hogarth point out that having a smaller selection is just as hard on consumers as having too many options. According to Ruetskaja and Hogarth(2009), more people are happy with a midway set selection than a set selection that is either too large or small in the article Satisfaction in Choice as a Function of the Number of Alternatives: When “Goods Satiate”( Elena Reutskaja, Robin M. Hogarth,2009). Having an medium set size is more preferable than having a too large set size or small set size.
People are more likely to leave the store with nothing than something if there are too many factors and options. Leaving the Store Empty-Handed: Testing Explanations for the Too-Much-Choice Effect Using Decision Field Theory argues the point that there may be more than one reason why a consumer may decide to not purchase something at the store. The three main reasons why a person may not to decide to purchase something at the store could be they change their mind. Also, if the person feels like making the decision is taking too long to make, they may “time out”. Lastly, if a consumer has the choice to not make a decision at that time, they may decide to leave the store without anything. (Ryan K. Jessup, Elizabeth S. Veinott, Peter M. Todd and Jerome R. Busemeyer, 2009). So not only does have a large selection have an affect, so does the time it takes to come to a decision, along with there being an option of no option . (Ryan K....

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