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Influence Of The Fashion Industry Essay

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Fashion industry is always the topic that draws attention of every people of us at anywhere and anytime. Everyone becomes so familiar with fashion that he or she thinks that fashion is just simply a fashionable and sophisticated style. However, life in a modern community is far more controlled by fashion industry than many people realize; it affects not only clothing, but almost every aspects of our daily life.
When many people think of the fashion industry, they often think of the association of four main areas such as: retail, manufacture, design and advertising. They are the four areas that cause not a little damage on our society and environment.
Personally, I used to have a very simple and common conception about fashion industry that is merely clothing sales. However, after reading the newspapers and investigating thoroughly about the fashion industry, I was completely taken aback by the opposite sides of it in Australia and other countries. As a result, I came to focus on the effects of fashion industry on society and our environment.
I determined my three objectives:
1. How does fashion industry influence on teenagers’ body image?
2. What are the facts about ‘sweatshops’ behind the leading designer labels and are sweatshops exploiting or helping outworkers?
3. Is the trend of the fur fashion industry in Australia and other countries ethical or not?

I. Objective 1: To find out how fashion industry influences young women’ body image
In fact, fashion industry is such a negative exertion on teenager’s standard of beauty that it is now becoming an unsolved dilemma for our society.
Sarah Murdoch, the representative of Bonds underwear, is of the opinion that fashion industry encourages “unhealthy body images” (Dunkerley, 2008) that is thought to be impractical and unhealthy for most women and girls. The fact that most designers prefer to choose thin models than big size ones (Bolger, 2007) shows us an astonishing phenomena that there are a lot of clothes from size 0 to size 4 displayed not only in the fashion shows but also on the sale markets because they think that there will be “stigma attached” when doing something for “plus-size people” (Stevens, 2010). Naomi Crafti representing for Eating Disorder Victoria thinks that teenagers are becoming obsessed with “the very skinny models on the catwalk” in the fashion shows (Stevens, 2010) which gradually leads to the issues relating to “eating disorders, mental health and the impact of negative body image on young people” (Stevens, 2010).
Moreover, the figures of the News Editor show us a startling “75000 cases of 15-35 year-old British women” suffering from eating disorder due to being sick of looking like cat models (Cooke 2000, pp 3). It is the evidence that append the controversy over the use of extremely thin models in fashion industry because it reduces the self-esteem of those who do not have ideal...

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