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Influenced identity
It has been proven that ones identity is based upon their wanting image and not their actual identity. Meaning, their actual image does not portray the image they want of themselves. The article “Men have body image issues, too” by Kate Fridkis explains that not only do women have problems with their bodies, but men have them also. Based on the article, identity is defined in size, looks, body type and influenced by social pressure by showing the perfect image. One way would be the media, another through peer pressure, and the final in gender.
Media has a lot to portray in someone’s identity through influence. Media for one sets an image of fat as the new lame. The auther in this article explains that the way fat in society is put down that people judge according to size. She even used the word “demonized” to describe how society looks at size. Fridkis says “I’ve noticed, with the way fat is demonized”.(Fridkis) Who is to blame for, the media, who set the bar up high with skinny models. That is who everyone wants to become, to have that image, to be slim, to be that identity. Fridkis also mentions about a boy who was chubby, as he felt that he was not smart because of his wieght as the author quotes “Because fat kids are supposed to be dumb”.(Fridkis) This is what society thinks and it influences other peoples identity, by society telling people how to look and to change their size. So they do because Identity is now defined of the boy as an overweight chubby kid. That defines the boy as a
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fat child and that is the boys identity through media saying that being fat is disgraceful. The media also shows the kind of body image people should have through movies. Captain America is mentiond in this article to show an example of how media influences people’s identity size wise. Fridkis explains here, that Captin America couldn’t save the world when he was just “Slender and delicate” but as soon as the hero transformed into a “Strapping, muscle-bound fighting machine”(Fridkis) he now can save the world. This implies that in order to be a hero, one has to be build in muscle and extremely strong and not chubby or fat. This gives the men in this world a fugure to want because that’s the ideal picture of a man in the social world and that is what influenses their identity. Captain Americas identity is defined in this article as a strong muscle built hero who used to be scrawny. That is Captain’s identity, a hero. Media portrays Captain America as the perfect identity, the perfect image. In the end, media leads to social pressure through the image of skinny, slim and muscular, and because society thinks it is the ideal picture, they pressure others to be just the same by teasing and name calling.
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