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Influenced Work Ethic Essay

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Crime fiction is filled with interesting stories about every crime imaginable, and the various different types of detectives who try to solve these cases. With such a wide range of characters in this topic, there are various ways of the detective to actually solve the crimes that are the bases of the story. Each characters work ethic is completely different and is completely their own. While some traits may seem similar to others, each is its own character and is influences by a variety of things in the characters life. Kurt Wallander, of Faceless Killers, and Silvio Montalbano, of The Shape of Water, are both detectives who work with the same types of crimes, but carry out their cases in different ways. On the surface, it is easy to look at the two characters and write them off being the same with little differences, but this is not the case. Both detectives go about their jobs in completely different ways. Their work ethic differences are heavily influences by the two characters individual lives.
Faceless Killers, written by Henning Manekll, follows Inspector Kurt Wallander, a forty-two year old police detective as he solves a brutal murder case in Ystad, Sweden. This novel focuses on Sweden’s tolerant approach towards race, immigration and national identity. After Johannes Lovgren and his wife Maria are tortured and killed, Wallander and his team are called in to figure out who committed this murder and what their motives were for such a crime. A multitude of racially-motivated attacks begin after word of Maria Lovgren’s last word before her death, “Foreign,” is leaked to the press. A double murder is soon turned in to a triple due to racism and national pride.
The Shape of Water, written by Andrea Camilleri, is the first in its series of Inspector Salvo Montalbano. In this novel, Montalbano is put on a case of Silvio Luparello’s, an up and coming politician, sudden death. Montalbano is not satisfied with what he is being told is the reason for the death, and continues to dig deeper into the case. Through his investigation he discovers all the manipulation and corruptness that is actually involved in the murder. Montalbano is able to piece together what actually happened with the help of people who were indirectly involved in the abrupt death of Luparello.
As stated before, it is easy to assume that Montalbano and Wallander have the same work ethic. They are both inspectors and are good at the work that they do. The two both have their own ways of solving cases, but in the end the cases are solved as efficiently as possible, and they are rewarded for the processes. The two detectives both excel when it comes to being passionate for the work that they do, and give of the impression that they are willing to do anything to get to the bottom of a crime.
It is extremely easy to see that Montalbano and Wallander go about their work in completely different ways. Montalbano’s work ethic is not as clean cut as Wallanders, even though there...

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