Influences And Effects Of Eating Disorders

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Eating Disorders are common, but a lot of the time is confused with only purposeful starvation. The two main types of eating disorders are anorexia and bulimia. Anorexia is when someone will eat very few calories, sometimes even nothing at all, and exercise intensely throughout the day. Bulimia is when the said person will ingest very large amounts of food at a single time, then induce vomiting or excessive exercise. They are both classified as mental disorders and are not chosen or intentional. Eating disorders can be influenced from sports, dance, or cheer pressure, can develop self harm habits, and many times is pushed forward by websites made specifically to progress deeper into the eating disorder.
Usually people with eating disorders believe that they are overweight, even though they are not. Eating disorders mainly affect teens and young adults, and are caused by bullying and peer pressure. Many times, new anorexia patients will receive positive comments about weight loss that will push the disorder along, and then as it progresses they get negative feedback which causes them to shut everyone out. It will become the focus of that person to lose weight and all other things will no longer interest them. They will isolate themselves to better practice their eating habits in secrecy. Self harm is also a common co-existing behavior in disordered eating patients. It is said to be a way of coping with emotional stress and is usually hidden from other people because they are ashamed of themselves and their scars. Many doctors treating patients with eating disorders have said that it is easier to get teenage girls off of hard drugs than anorexia or bulimia.
As previously said, many disordered patients are pushed along by “Pro-Ana” and “Pro-Mia” sites, “Ana” standing for anorexia and “Mia” standing for bulimia. Pro sites are websites that use thispiration, personal stories, or experiences to direct attitudes and behaviors to achieve dangerously low weights. Pro site users suggest that anorexia and bulimia are lifestyle choices and not real problems. These people that run the sites take things out of context and bring them to the extremity of what they really mean. (i.e.: “eat less, live longer” and “fewer calories, longer life”) These sites also give teens tips on how to progress their eating disorder and how to hide it from friends and family. As of now there are one hundred-eighty active pro-Ana and pro-Mia websites online. Over ninety-one percent of these websites are open to the public. Eighty-four percent include pro-anorexia material, while only sixty-four percent include pro-bulimia content. (Remuda Ranch Study) Remember that all eating disorders are mental illnesses and not a lifestyle; they should not be glorified into something they are not.
Something that is commonly included in pro sites is “Thinspiration” but is usually shortened to just “thinspo”. Thinspiration is photos, usually spread online,...

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