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Influences In The Fashion Choices Of Women In The 1920's And 30's

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How were young women of all classes dressing to be modern in the nightclubs and dance halls of the 1920s and 1930s? Focusing on the middle-classes, yet considering women of both the upper and working classes, discuss what were the influences in their fashion choices.
Use specific examples of garments drawn from primary sources such as clothing from the University teaching collection and garments from other valid museum websites. (e.g. V&A, London; Metropolitan Museum, New York; Kyoto Institute, Japan and Platt Hall Gallery of Costume, Manchester; L.C.F. Paper Pattern collection)

Nowadays, people going to nightclub aren’t new and special things. Time goes on, people go nightclub not just only for dancing, but also can have lots of difference activities such as holding birthday party as well as gathering. People’s who go nightclub, especially young women will dresses themselves very sexy also beautiful and they put lots of effort on their outlook. A special party dress, high heels, makeup as well as hairstyle. The reason is both of them want to make themselves become the most modern, special and prettiest one in nightclub.
However, how about young women in 1920s and 1930s? After World War I (WWI), women’s social identity rises up. Since after WWI, economic recession was happened in Europe. There were lots of countries in Europe facing serious economic problems; thus its make women also need go out to work maintain the livelihoods. More and more women were forced to work, therefore as a result, the clothes ought to be more necessity than fashion, which were, convince to their new activity. In view of that after WWI, Edwardian era (figure 1,2) and hyperbolic hairstyle weren’t the daily dress for women anymore. Since, it was not suitable and convenience for women wears like this to work.
According to 18 century, fashion was belongs to the upper class. Only upper class people do fashion, as all clothes were made by hand and belongs to that person. That’s what we call ‘Haute Couture’ nowadays, hence, only upper class people do fashion in the past. Yet, in 1920s it was the first decades that all classes women can do fashion by themselves. The war forces women put down their jewels, and rich and poor alike. The only way that they can show off and relax, were in nightclubs and dance halls. The Flapper fashion, Sassy Style as well as Bob hairstyle came out in this decade.
On the other hand, in a technologically advanced society what will be the influences of your fashion choices nowadays? Fashion news on television, fashion magazines, Internet, movies, or what else, there are too much things that can be the influences of our fashion choices nowadays. Anything, everything and everywhere can be and are, every new item can be notice by whole world just in one second because we got Internet and the technology allows us to do this. However, how about the young people in 1920s and 1930s? Technology does not advance as...

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