Influences In The Teaching Environment Essay

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Influences in the Teaching Environment

In this country, many rookie teachers do not succeed in the first two years of teaching due to poor classroom management. They have forgotten the essentials of running a smooth classroom, maintaining appropriate and consistent discipline and the overall pressures of teaching. Worst-case scenario, they never learned the essentials of classroom management. Since behavior management is one of the primary areas of concern for classroom teachers each year, it is important to learn if only the basics of classroom management and how to deal with typical behavioral issues as they arise. Learning these basics may eliminate job burnout and increase teacher survival.
Harry Wong’s CD, How to Improve Student Achievement, addresses classroom management in a way that most haven’t done before. According to Wong, “all of the things that a teacher does to organize students, space, time, and materials so that instruction in content and student learning can take place” (Wong, 2003), includes appropriate classroom management, not just appearances. Wong goes into further detail of four principles in which classroom management is premised upon – communicating clear expectations to students, having an established discipline plan that states behaviors that are expected, having consequences and rewards, and having daily routines or procedures (Wong, 2003). For this assignment, I will identify ten possible negative classroom behaviors, how they influence the classroom, and how they might be changed by different applications.
Negative Behavior

1. Lack of organization, order, or overall structure within the classroom.
2. Poor communication between the students and the teacher.
3. Student behavior is pre-empted upon rewards – true discipline system has not been instilled.
4. Students repeatedly break classroom rules.
5. Students have aggressive behavior or hostile behavior towards others.
6. Students are resistant to listen or complete work assignments in the classroom.
7. Students are confrontational with teachers and other school staff (power struggles).
8. Students are dependent on help from the teachers all the time, teachers enabling the dependency not allowing the students to work independently.
9. Students refuse to remain seated during class.
10. Students not showing respect to others or other’s property.

Possible Solutions
The listed negative classroom behaviors can be a huge influence on the overall condition of the classroom, as well as implementing the classroom management by the teacher. It is important that teachers understand how to handle such types of misbehaviors in a way that is positive, consistent and promotes self-discipline.
As we well know, behavioral issues within the classroom do come with the territory and do occur from time to time. Yet, with the proper classroom management system, the behaviors do not have to overrule the class and become the biggest influence over the teacher or the...

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