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" A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child."-Unknown

What does a teacher do? Well, besides giving out tons of papers, numerous tests, and stories that the students aren't interested in reading (or just too lazy to read), teachers are responsible for creating the future leaders of tomorrow. In today's society one may find advancement difficult without a formal education. Education is one of society's institutions that helps to infuse in our younger generation the norms, values and morals of the world we live in. Teachers lead their students on the trip to success. Have you ever wondered how you would have gotten where you are today, or how you will get where you will be tomorrow without a great instructor? According to a private pedagogical survey of sources (teachers and students), some of the main qualities of teachers should be discipline, motivation, and above all, respect. I have interviewed three teachers and three students from the High School, Middle School, and Elementary School levels.

How do we define discipline? When most people hear the word "discipline" they imagine an eighty year old, six foot five matron holding a long stick, preparing to give some outspoken child his just punishment. In modern terms, having a disciplined classroom is simply the act of maintaining structure and consistency in the working environment. Discipline is hard to achieve in a class where the teacher and students are viewed as equals. In this form of study, students will tend not to listen to the teacher when the time comes to work or be productive. In his article, " I'll Have to Help Some of You More Than I Want To: Teacher Power, Student Pedagogy", Christian Zawodniak focuses a writing class at a mid-western university where he observed his writing teacher Jeff's method of teaching. Jeff's style was to interfere as little as possible with class discussions. His theory was that one could not comment on circumstances that one doesn't know about. Therefore, he often refrained from commenting leaving the class unclear of what he wanted. Jeff's goal of having equal student-teacher relations failed by not establishing a sense of authority and discipline (Zawodniak 127).

In conversing with Arnie Schwartz, a woodshop and Cadet Corps teacher from Robert Fulton Middle school, he said, " In the 26 years of my employment with LAUSD, I have tried to use myself as a role model to motivate students to apply themselves in all their scholastic classes. To do this properly you can be strict but still find some fun in the relationship with yourself and the students. You need to let the students know that you are friendly and nice but you also have to let them know that they need to follow the rules. My number one rule in my class is: 'my classroom is like my home, you come into it as a guest and you...

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