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Influences Of Companion Planting Have On Vegetation

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What effect does companion planting have on plants? All plants have collaborators and adversaries. Due to this, it is important to know which plants grow best with one another, to insure the best qualities of plants. In my opinion, by planting some plants in adjacent propinquity to one another, then some will interact well with its companion and increase in their rate of growth whereas others will have the opposite effect and growth will be delayed. To prove this, an experiment was developed, which used three different seeds, and planted them within adjacent propinquity to one another. The results of this experiment were able to prove, more or less, my statement to be true, with the development of certain vegetation growing faster than others. These results could form a new basis in agriculture as well as discovery in biological findings, which can help produce the paramount traits that lay dominate within all flora.
Companion planting is centered on the idea that by planting a certain plant in adjacent propinquity to one another, they will profit from it and mature faster. Though this method has a long history it is rarely used. This technique exists to promote certain plants by giving natural “pest control”, without use of hazardous substances. It has been proven that by having a beneficial crop in a nearby field that attracts or repels certain insects away from the main crop can prove very valuable (Unknown). An example of this is the African marigold, which is known to secrete an atypical substance from its roots that abolishes vermin, and safeguards neighboring flora. Another reason this modus operandi is utilized, is to yield larger amounts of itemized crops. Unfortunately, companion planting can have negative effects on plants as well if not paired properly. This was originally defense magnesium, to keep habitats under control. Today, it is important to know the these combinations, to further develop an understanding of vegetation to assist in modern day agriculture.
This experiment tested to see if the proximity of plants could affect their growth. This concept is important, because of the effect it can have on modern day agriculture. It is presumed that if planting some plants in adjacent propinquity to one another, then some will interact well with its companion and increase in their rate of growth whereas...

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