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Influences Of Immigration On U.S. Provinces

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Over the years, immigrants influence the aspect of American life by shifting economic, political, and social policies due to their values and beliefs on these areas. This topic of influence raises public issue to whether or not U.S. should limit immigration quotas. On one hand, immigrants enable U.S. to compete in international competition and are one way to help alleviate labor shortages in certain demographic trends (Liebig, 2011). Immigration has impact economic trends by highly participating in the labor market and benefiting homeowners and landlords. Immigrants also influences diversity which enables people in the U.S. to be open minded about other cultures. On the other hand, public opinions do not favor the coming of more immigrants due to their affect on the host’s values of freedom, and because housings and resources are limited. Immigrants also tend to connect within their social group which does not easily build good connection with their new neighbors (Hoyt, 2009). Popular opinions tend to link immigration and crimes in a causal relationship. Immigrants, however, engage in less crime than their native born counterparts (Reid, Weiss, Adelman, Jaret 2005). Despite the limiting resources and housing, the U.S. should not limit immigration quotas because immigration tends to have more positive influences on labor and housing markets, and diversity.
Many people disagree in allowing more immigrants to enter the U.S. due to economic downturns regarding limited housing and resources, willingness to integrate in host societies, and crime rates. Immigration creates a demand in housings which causes the prices to rise (Saiz, 2003). Homeowners and landlords raise prices because housing is limited. These price changes seem to not benefit natives who migrate or rent homes in these particular areas that attracted immigrants. Similar with resources, prices increase to meet the demands of people. According to Thomas Liebig (2011), public opinion does not favor acceptance of additional immigration due to the unfavorable outcome of immigrant’s willingness to integrate with host society such as learning their language and history. In some cases, xenophobic occurs when “immigrants have lower-skilled on average than the native born population”. Immigrants maintain within their social groups which does not usually build good relationship with their host (Hoyt, 2009). Several immigrants show disaffection towards their hosts because of the discrimination that they faced. Public opinion tends to link immigration and crime rates in urban cities as a correlation. However, the crime rates of immigrants are lower than that of their native born counterparts (Reid, Weiss, Adelman, Jaret 2005). This research also discusses how metropolitan areas that do have large number of recent immigration populations are likely to promote securities. These impacts of public opinions tend to be convincing towards the government into lowering the immigration...

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