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There is no secret that a modern day teenager’s life is built around the usage of technology. As a result of society’s heavy reliance on technology, social media has become popular amongst people who are “technologically advanced.” Though there is a wide variety of social sites that can be accessed through modern day technology, a few have become very popular. Social sites which have become widely popular among teens include Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat. These social networking sites provide instant social connection and emotional support while letting teens post and send pictures of their everyday life. According to Instagram, there are 150 million active users and there are 16 billion shared photos. Instagram also states that there is on average 55 million photos shard per day. Many teens look towards social media for emotional support and social acceptance. The continual usage of these sites are negatively impacting the self-esteem of teenagers worldwide since they heavily rely on social medias to portray images of what they believe is acceptable by society.
With both the pressure of society and the usage of social media there has been a large impact on the self-esteem of today’s teens. According to K. Nola Mokeyane, a professional writer who wants to pursue graduate studies in social work, “It's no secret that media has had an increasingly negative impact on the way teenage girls measure their personal image and beauty standards”. Instagram, is a social app that enables people to share photos and videos of oneself and others. According to Joan Stern, an ABC news technology editor, there are about 150 million users on Instagram, this social app is mainly based on followers, comments and likes on a picture. Instagram allows people to share their every moment through pictures and small captions. In theory its like an ongoing documentary of one’s life. This social app allows one to share and manipulate his or her photo through ‘filters’. Since Instagram is a photo based social app every user is judged based upon the pictures they decide to post. The pictures that are being posted on this social app are being shared with one's ‘followers’ and can be seen by the peers of each individual. Instagram Features their most liked pictures in a “Featured” tab on their app. In reality, the “Featured” tab on Instagram is for people who’ve obtained a high reputation in the social scene. The people who are featured in the tab are called “instagram famous” people. These “Instagram Famous” individuals force people to want to attain more followers and ‘likes’ on their photos so that they too could be featured in this special tab.
The majority of teens use social media in order to measure their popularity against others. A popular trend called ‘selfies’ are now arising amongst teens. According to Victoria Woollaston, a science and tech reporter at Daily Mail, “The new craze, which involves posing by yourself before taking a picture, has risen in...

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