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Spring 2014
Influences on Happiness…
“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” ― Abraham Lincoln. Happiness comes from accepting one as themselves and valuing the supposed less significant things in one’s life. This seems like general wisdom, but it becomes complicated through the lens of society’s values. It is all about living to the fullest as most Americans say, we have an idea to be able to succeed and become better than who we are. This idea is great until people begin to become selfish, society takes part of our life, trying to change our perspectives. Happiness seems like a simple idea, but becomes a complex idea with the influence of society.
To begin with, many think that the key to being happy is to socialize and try to fit in. “Most people really aren’t even taking notice of their relatives, they’re too worried about what other people think of them.”(Brooke). Family members are getting forgotten about; people believe that society’s voice is the answer to their problems. Trying to fit in with society is a challenge that is most people don’t pass most of the time. They are capable of fitting in, but suffering the consequences, magazines, TV shows, friends, family, and many more factors lead to selfishness.
Society influences comes from many aspects. The first thing that comes to mind is the social media. It does have an effect on individual’s happiness, as one views vacation photos on Facebook or pictures of a new car on Snapchat the comparison can’t be helped. The viewer wants to have all of the same things that their friends are posting. “The more time people spent browsing the site, as opposed to actively creating content and engaging with it, the more envious they felt. .”(Konnikova). This is from a study from the University of Michigan, people become jealous about others even of their closest friends; this has become a major issue when communicating with others. They may stop talking to their friends because they envy their belongings, or success, destroying the happy memories between relationships. Sometimes makes citizens feel less than others when comparing their lives.
Society can have wicked effects on happiness. We should never compare ourselves to others, we are all different, and unique is a word that can define all individuals. “Trying to be happy may be self-defeating.”(Schwartz). Society pushes us to show who we really are, if we truly accept ourselves how we were born. Helps prove to one that we are capable of succeeding and accomplishing the same as others. “Happy participants' self-confidence was enhanced by positive feedback, no matter if they also learned that their peers got better results”. (Groth). This was a study made to show that there are people that don’t care if they didn’t get good new they still feel happy for others accomplishment. There are others that get upset to see their peers get good news instead of them, so happiness...

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