Influential Factors Apart Of Teenage Smoking

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The amount of money Americans spend towards curing a smoking related disease is relatively near ninety-six dollars a year. Smoking is a process where tobacco is inhaled orally. Traditionally, people who smoke being doing so because of constant tobacco advertising and areas where tobacco is publically sold. Teenagers usually start smoking cigarettes because of multiple factors influencing society. In order for teenagers to realize what effects smoking has on the body, society must create ways for the youth to not be misled by the promotion and public advertisements of tobacco products.
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9. Candy and Fruit flavors are available for these miniature cigars (NP). All of these types of smoking are to be considered deadly and harmful effects to the body.
Society has many concerns towards teenagers deciding to start smoking at such a young age in their lives, and encourages teenagers to realize the dangers of smoking. Specialists in the medical field do suggest that doctors must converse with all ages to discuss all of the dangers the smoking provides (Painter B.7). Ironically, if children and teens were educated and counseled on the dangers of smoking, it would be less likely that they’d even want to attempt to smoke. Although, there is so specific type of intervention available and as far as parents being concerned, prevention against smoking are available for adults to read further into with their kids. In addition to this, specialists anticipate on doing their job to reduce the youth from trying to smoke (B.7). On the other hand, there are presently many campaigns that are against the idea of teenage smoking. These campaigns are targeting many specific type of teenagers (Brady A.3). The government is able to challenge the tobacco industry due to their public ads. These advertisements are what must influence teenagers to strive to smoke. A campaign called the “Truth Campaign” educates teenagers on what the tobacco industry does to deceive the smoking retail process (A.3). According to Zeller, the FDA’s dominant tobacco official:
I know how to do this, and I know what works. And what works is, get really smart people from the outside, do it under contract, do the right research, develop the right messages, have a laser beam focus on who your target is and then buy your media correctly. And then spend money. Because it's a dose response. Once you've done those first...

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