Influential Leaders: Julius Caesar Vs. Mahatma Gandhi

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Influential Leaders: Julius Caesar vs. Mahatma Gandhi Julius Caesar and Mahatma Gandhi were both leaders from different countries and time periods. Based on the play, "Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare, and the movie, "Mahatma Gandhi" directed by Richard Attenborough it is apparent that these two men were in some way very several similar and in other ways very different characteristics. Both were prominent people and lived lives of great importance and leadership. They both died in similar ways as well. But during their lives each man worked for completely different purposes. Julius Caesar and Mahatma Gandhi were both very influential people during their lives. Caesar was one of the top three men who had power in Rome. Many people respected and trusted Caesar as a leader. Caesar was even offered the crown many times but he refused it. Gandhi's influence extended beyond the borders of India and reached out to the whole world. Gandhi's philosophies inspired millions of people. Both men's lives have ended in similar ways; they were assassinated. Julius Caesar was lured to the Roman Senate and murdered by several conspirators including his good friend Brutus. Gandhi was murdered by a Hindu fanatic who disagreed with his tolerance of Muslims. Caesar and Gandhi were both very courageous men. They stuck their necks out when they knew there were dangers out there. And the fact that they both were murdered shows how real those dangers actually were. Even though both Caesar and Gandhi were influential leaders, they each had very different views, ideas, and ways of going about doing things. Caesar was an important figure in his society and even had his own army to back him up. Caesar's solutions to problems were solved by fighting, such as the time he fought Pompey and became victorious. Gandhi was different. He had no official political title, he did not command any army, and he did not amass any great wealth. Gandhi's philosophy of non-violence...

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