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Influnce Of Human Nature And Politics In A City

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In Plato’s republic, a philosophical account on the kallipolis (the beautiful city) is built on the perspective of Socrates and his discussion between his companions. In the republic, the city in which ones live in depends on the soul and the character of the city one lives in. In this paper the character of human nature and politics will be discussed in how a city is ought to be by the influence of human nature and politics. Firstly, the influence of human nature on politics will be looked at, for example according to Plato on behalf of Socrates; he claims that a just soul creates a just society, where it is human nature to be just, that influences in creating a just political system. Secondly, politics influences human nature, where in the republic when the discussion of guardians starts out between Socrates and the companions, there is political thought discussed between them, where Socrates wants to create the perfect guardians through specific training in all types of skills instituted to creating a perfect protector. Lastly, human nature is human soul if the soul is just the city is going to be just. It is the human nature which has created communities without any political thought put in place; it political thought that forms rules and laws. Thus, human nature is part of the individual understanding of its society that creates an understanding of how one ought to be, which in turns creates rules and laws that is essentially viewed as politics.
According to Plato, Socrates means that human nature shapes out politics. Where in Book 2, Socrates and the companions discuss how one behaves depends on his human nature, for example, Socrates discusses about how it is human nature to keep one’s body healthy. (Plato, 1992, p. 33). Human nature depends on the good, it is because people don’t desire this good, and the good is present at all time where it provides benefits to the person. Keeping a human body healthy, for example will keep the person away from sickness or any other pathogens (Infections). Secondly, the influence of human nature on politics is natural, for example people need many things. One person cannot provide all the things he needs, so he and other people create a community. The community or a settlement is created when people gather in a single place to live together as partners and helpers. (Plato, 1992, p. 44). The influence of human nature in this point has affects on politics where now there are people doing certain things depending on their skill set. They are now politically labeled in their community, now they can be called craftsmen, farmers. Lastly, it is human nature to be somewhat different from others as Socrates claims. (Plato, 1992, p. 45). When people differ from one another they still require the basic sustenance to live such as shelter and clothing itself. For this reason, the community becomes divided, depending on the skills that person shares, also it is natural for humans to see people differently because...

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