Information On Computer Viruses That I Researched.

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Computer viruses infect a computer in three basic ways: when a user (1) opens an infected file, (2) runs an infected program, or (3) powers on the computer with an infected disk in a disk drive. Today, the most common way a computer becomes infected with a virus is when a user opens an infected e-mail attachment.cMethods that guarantee a computer or network is totally safe from computer viruses simply do not exist. Users can take several precautions, however, to protect their home and work computers from viruses. The following paragraphs discuss a variety of precautionary measures designed to protect computers from viruses.Do not start a computer with a floppy disk in drive A - unless you are certain the disk is an uninfected boot disk. All floppy disks contain a boot sector. During the startup process, the computer attempts to execute the boot sector on a disk in drive A. Even if the attempt is not successful, a virus on the floppy disk's boot sector can infect the hard disk on a computer.Never open an e-mail message attachment unless you are expecting the attachment and the e-mail message is from a trusted source. A trusted source is a company or person you believe will not send a virus-infected file knowingly. If the e-mail message is not from a trusted source, delete the message immediately. Do not open or execute any of its attachments.Many e-mail programs enable users to preview, or look at the contents of, a message before or without opening it. Some viruses can infect a computer when a user previews an e-mail message. Thus, users should turn off message preview in their e-mail programs.Some viruses are hidden in macros, which are instructions saved in an application such as a word processing or spreadsheet program. In applications that allow users to write macros, set the macro security level to medium. With a medium security level, the application software warns users that a document they are attempting to open contains a...

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1281 words - 5 pages this disease and we know virtually nothing about it. Kids today should be forced into researching the diseases in order to learn what the chances of us getting it are, and if we DO get it, how would we know? Teens need to know this specific information to be better educated. By being informed about these viruses, they could further read on about other diseases.I personally am not too afraid of catching smallpox in my lifetime. That is also making the assumption that no terrorist or human is going to get the vials of smallpox to spread around. If that were to happen, at least I would know what was going on and what smallpox could do to me.

This was a research paper on any computer related Subject. I chose Digital Cameras versus Film Cameras. The Professor really enjoyed it and awarded me with a 98%.

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1623 words - 6 pages with a lot to offer. I currently go to school in the morning, Manage a marketing firm during the day and occasionally DJ downtown on the weekends. I make decent money, have a good sense of humor and am very easy to get along with. However at this point and time I don't believe I could afford the person I am looking for right now. I don't make the kind of money that would be able to support a family and emotionally I don't think I am

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