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Unit 1: Fundamentals of Hardware and SoftwareSystems and Application Software Hand -OutA computer system is consists of hardware and software. Software or programs is used to complete any activity/ task on a computer. Software can be used for running the hardware or for performing various tasks. There are two major categories, namely:System softwareApplication softwareSYSTEM SOFTWARESystem software are programs that enables the computer system to run properly and efficiently. Systems software must be installed before application software can run. There are three types:Operating systemUtilitiesTranslatorsOperating System (OS)An operating system is a system software that enables the hardware devices to function together as a computer system.Booting is the process of the operating system being loaded into the computer when it is started up.Some examples of OS are Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS and DOS.Functions of OSFile Management- all the files created in secondary storage media, such as the hard disk, are stored within its various files. The OS is responsible for creating, deleting, renaming of files and folders and also making back-up copies of files.Memory Management- the Os allocates areas of memory to different programs so that each program can function effectively.Provide Security - modern computer systems require the entry of a password in order to access the system. The OS provide the user with password protection to prevent unauthorized access. It also provides backup and recovery routines in case of system failure.Input/Output Device Management - there are many peripheral devices such as keyboards, mouse and monitors that can be connected to the system unit. The OS makes the communication possible between the peripheral devices and the system unit.Provide a friendly user interface - the method by which user interacts with the computer system is called user interface. The OS provides the user with a friendly interface that will help the user to interact with computer system.Process Management- A program that is running can be considered as a process and a program can have many sub-program. Therefore, many processes would occur in a computer system when a program is being executed. The process management function of the OS involves allocating adequate time and recourses of the CPU to each process.Based on the type of operating system, it can also perform the following:Multitasking: this is when the operating system allows the user to perform several tasks at the same time, switch between them and share information.Multiprogramming: when users can run two or more programs at the same time using a single processor.Multiprocessing: when users can run two or more programs using multiple processors.Time-sharing: when each user is given a 'time slice' so that each user feels that they get the full attention of the CPU.UtilitiesUtilities are system programs that can be added to the main operating system to carry out extra tasks. Utility programmes...

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927 words - 4 pages classrooms. Most schools ban the use of cell phones, Personal Data Assistants and i-Pods in class, others do not. Does the new electronic detection device infringe upon individuals freedom, or going to become the new wave of the future.ReferencesMcCabe, Don. (2007). High-tech cheaters test educators. , (), . Retrieved, September 8, 2007Schmidt Erik, (2007). Exam Software Info. . Retrieved September 10, 2007Field, Mona., (2003, February 17). Cheating with

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1094 words - 4 pages methods used use keep tabs on people are very High tech. Biometrics, database mining and compulsory databases are just a few but the most talked about. Companies and other institutions are using the methods to learn more about people. Not all the information is being used for harm. Some companies will use the information to better serve the community but mostly all your hear about is the negative, so we will keep that theme. Some

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1589 words - 7 pages /info-tech/controversy-grows-over-googles-glass-project/article4553860.ece Retrieved from Ackerman, E., "Google gets in your face [2013 Tech To Watch]," Spectrum, IEEE , vol.50, no.1, pp.26,29, Jan. 2013 doi: 10.1109/MSPEC.2013.6395302 URL:


1684 words - 7 pages highly classified files. This started an outrage from US citizens. Many people are asking the same question now, which is what info is being collected and what gives them the right to do this. The spying, listening to conversations, data collection and many more things all started when President Bush asked the NSA to search for terrorist activity in the United States a couple weeks after 9/11. This usually requires a search warrant, which is given

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1179 words - 5 pages somewhere in between good and bad. They will use criminal techniques to find any holes in there employer's firewall. Finally, there are the black hats. Now, these are the actual criminals. They break into your computers and steal everything from bank accounts info to your Facebook login. Basically anything that they can use to make your life horrible and theirs great. However, hackers are the reason why we have so many tech advancements today. For

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