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Info Technology Essay

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Information Technology has changed drastically over the past ten years and the numerous positive effects it has on our society is only growing. Info Tech is able to assist in numerous ways in people’s lives whether it be educationally, socially, or professionally. One thing however, is that this ever changing technology has the power to change a person’s future.
The advancement of Information technology has made communicating with other people socially as fast as a click of a button or however fast your fingers can type on a smart phone. People are now able to organize large events on the internet whether it be parties, political events, or charities. Without the advancement of ...view middle of the document...

Information Technology is also cost effective, instead of wasting time and money at post office buying stamps and standing in line to mail a letter, you are just a click away from saying whatever it is that your heart desires. The advancement of Information Technology will help me socially in the future by allowing me to have access to certain people that may be able to help me later life.
Imagine this, being in a classroom and you are given two options. Would you rather sit quietly and listen to the teacher lecture the whole class or would you rather do something interactive on the computer whether it be a PowerPoint, visuals, etc. You would rather do anything that’s going to allow you to be more interactive correct? That’s why Information Technology is such a powerful tool when it comes to education. Not only do they make learning more interactive but they also help prepare students for the real world. So now instead of being in a library for hours on end researching topics, I would be able to get all the information needed in less than 30 minutes. With this instant gratification, not only is learning more efficient now but teachers are able to do more lessons which ultimately benefits me. Without Information Technology I wouldn’t even be able to type this paper the way I wanted it to be. I am able to review and edit my paper, have a thesaurus, translate languages, and format my paper correctly. For example in seventh grade my English teacher decided to make a point to class and asked to do a research paper only using books, no internet resources were allowed what so ever. At first I thought the project wasn’t possible but obviously it was. The paper seemed like it was no never going to be finished. I had issues concentrating long enough to get the information I needed out of numerous text books. Needless to say my lack of enthusiasm showed in my paper. I had received a C plus. The average grade in the class however was a D minus. Ouch. So the week after that our teacher asked us to do the same project but this...

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