Informal Schooling On Women And Gender

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With the explosion of pop culture in the last decade, informal schooling about women and gender in culture is unavoidable. After examining a film, a commercial and magazine ads, I have found that the media still upholds the patriarchal values that we have discussed in class.
Tom Gormican’s That Awkward Moment follows three male friends as they try to navigate the dating scene. While my friends and I found it entertaining, I reluctantly decided to put to the Bechdel Test. There were appropriately six women with multiple lines; four were main characters and the other two were mothers of two of the main female roles. The only exchange between females is in the bar and when the two mothers briefly speak to their respective daughters. Each short conversation is completely centered on the male leads. While it does have an underlying message of the importance of love, Gormican’s main focus is on the hookups that occur and the exorbitant amount of swearing that is present.
The director of Summer's Eve’s commercial, "Manly Mistake", portrays a man who has accidentally used his wife’s body wash. He then shows the man doing a series of hyper-masculine things: chopping wood, drinking raw eggs, boxing, chopping a board with his hand, pulling a car with his teeth and, finally, smashing his soda can in his hand. It concludes with the wife saying, somewhat sarcastically, “That was close.” While it is semi-humorous, it reinforces the institution of patriarchy. The commercial suggests that soap can emasculate an individual. It implies that women are weak and men are strong.
Seventeen Magazine advertisements are the worst when it comes to portraying beauty ideals. Ads #1 and #2 are for Maybelline eye makeup. The models eyes are overdone, their heads are thrown back with their mouths open and eyes closed. They also each have a hand on their cheek and neck, respectively. Ad...

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