Informatics And Social Network Essay

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The study that combines human behavior, interaction of computing systems and transformation of an information is called Informatics. The study of informatics includes knowledge in the field of computer hardware, software, processors, satellite communication, internet services, data security, artificial intelligence, etc.
A network for social interaction and personal relationships is Social Network. Informatics is playing a vital role in development of web based Social networks that serve a number of purposes for its users, majorly includes; a) creation, security , privacy, maintenance and strengthening the existing social connections, b) providing platform to upload/share private ...view middle of the document...

not only are being developed but also a lot of scholastic research spaces are flooded for scholars; it is now visible that everyone has smart phones in their pocket which can be helpful for chatting with their friends, sharing or writing comments on shared contents like photos, blogs, websites, etc.
Other uses of social network tools developed with the study of informatics are

a) free web-based word processing provided by Google Docs that keeps recent documents visible online and let the selected members to update it from their own devices which could help people in many ways like to coordinate student group in assignments, collaborate with remote colleagues on a new business plan or access family to-do list from work;

b) searching any kind of information by creating large set of linked database to search engines and websites, informatics here can be used to speed up displaying search results;

c) displaying or promotion of newly launched products which can be done via number of ways like web advertisement or by creating public events, here research on informatics can help in determining users behavior to show them relevant advertisements which would be helpful to both the users and the companies and so now a day’s online shopping websites are being popular.

Informatics has saved a lot of money and time of human beings by enabling simultaneous transmission of multimedia content e.g. videoconference systems, where people from various countries can organize meetings. Conferences held within the employees of same company are possible without physical meet; politicians, film producers, actors use video chat with their fans to promote them self and get their opinions; patients may contact doctors in routine or emergency situations. Skype, Google hangout, iChat are...

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