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Informatics In The Healthcare Industry Essay

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Informatics in the Clinical Area
Informatics has affected many areas of the medical field. Informatics has improved the field by “helping people to revisualize and redesign their information management and knowledge management skills and learn new ways of using clinical data to mange clinical practice and patient care” (McLane & Turley, 2011). The purpose for this paper is to explore informatics in streamlining paperwork, provide decision support tools, and review contribution that is made towards patient safety.
Informatics Streamline Paperwork and Communication
Informatics has streamlined paperwork by putting information in a centralized location. Informatics has many avenues for developing improvement to patient care. The introduction of electronic medical records (EMR) is a central source of information to locate and input patient information. The accessibility of information created by informatics makes information easily accessible for the healthcare team.
Electronic Medical Record
EMR has not only streamlined paperwork but has created a social network for all involved in the care of patients. EMR has showed to “improved accuracy, legibility, timeliness and completeness of documentation” (Lyden, 2008, p.14). Having all information centrally located and legible allows the nurses or others in the care of the patient to be able to expedite the services needed to improve patient outcome. As Hedba and Czar (2009) stated, there are six qualities needed to have a successful EMR, “fast, familiar, flexible, enhances workflow, improves documentation, and meets regulatory requirements” (p. 303). Each of these components enhances the accessibility for the healthcare team in overall productivity, patient outcomes and communication. The EMR eliminates the paper trail, misplaced documents, illegible writing, and duplicate test results, and it reduces errors.
The accessibility of health records is an advantage to everyone involved in the care of the patient and their outcome. The informatics designs a program with an Information Technology (IT) team to collect data, and retrieve data for the healthcare team. The programs designed are to have information updated on continuous bases and shared with the providers of the patient care (Crane & Crane, 2008, p. 139). Responding to patient’s needs is faster due to the continuously updated information, shared information with the healthcare team, and easier access retrieval from multiple locations. The accessibility of information can be adapted for the use e-health. E-health is the communication through electronic devices to keep the patient and healthcare team informed. Asoh and Rivers (2010) stated the benefits of e-health is the accessibility of information and services from “anytime and anywhere” to use in the care and benefit of the patient (p. 182).
Informatics Provide Decision Support Tools
The medical field is always searching to increase the quality of patient care and outcome....

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